Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Invitation... God is Calling You to Rest

I have a song...

Many, in fact

but this particular song has been

following me
or leading me

I'm not sure which

But one day I opened my mouth to sing to the children
this quiet invitation began to spill out...

"Come on in, take a seat
God is calling you to rest, right now...
God is calling, God is calling you to rest right now"
An immediate calm came over the room as the children began to fall asleep,
and after they were all quietly resting, I sat singing for another 20 minutes or so

We all found rest... 

And ever since that day

the song has been

following me or
leading me

(I'm not sure which)

but it always shows up when I need rest
"God is calling you to rest right now"
"God is calling you to rest right now" 
This sweet invitation holds my heart
and gently leads me to that place

where I find Him

each time
every time

and I can't really explain the rest that I've found 
All I can do is extend the invitation so that you can experience it for yourself
The environment has been created, so

"Come on in, take a seat"

Allow the peace of God to calm your


and accept
the invitation



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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"APFLH Children's Art Studio- March Madness"

It is officially Spring...

The weather is warming
The birds are singing
The children's play and laughter is reminding me of younger days

It is my absolute favorite season!

So to commemorate, my kids and I decided to
unlock the back room
dust off the furniture
pull out the art materials
and open

"A Place For Little Hands Children's Art Studio"

Our featured activity was based upon the children's book...

"Go Away Big Green Monster"
by Ed Emberley

Play Dough Monster Creations
Homemade Play Dough
Pipe Cleaners
Google Eyes

Gelatin Moon Molds
Unflavored Gelatin
Medicine Droppers
Food Coloring
 inspired by the children's book
"Goodnight Moon"
by Margaret Wise Brown
                            We also enjoyed...

Bubble Wrap Print Painting
inspired by the children's story
"little blue and little yellow"
by Leo Lioni
and an...
"Everything Green" Collage
Green Sand
Green Foam Letters
Green Tissue Paper
Green Split Peas

inspired by the month itself...

The piece de resistance was our dramatic play area the children called...

that reminded us

"A Little Bit of Soul Food"
by Amy Wilson Sanger
makes everything alright!
Other sessions include: