Saturday, May 31, 2014

"APFLH" Children's Art Studio... Bubbles

The weather was warm and it was the perfect day to break out the bubbles along with...

a recycled cup and funnel...

a repurposed paper towel holder...
a large fly swatter
a drinking straw and a tray...


a medicine dropper...

A friend I've had since Junior High stopped by
to enjoy some bubble action with her younger son

and as the children played

we chatted
and laughed
and reminisced

about when we were kids ourselves

and agreed that the time seemed to be going too fast!

That's why it's time to do whatever God has put in us to do...

Time to get up and...

fulfill our purpose
reach our goals

(and ironically enough)

as we were
saying it

her son was
showing it


we watched
we learned
we admired

and remembered that

the best way
the perfect way
the only way

to ever truly reach our higher


is through

focused heart
determined mind

and with hands and eyes lifted to the Lord in praise!
What are you trying to reach?
(sharing with Emily over at Chatting At the Sky)
(Next time we're celebrating... "Ten Candles")

Thursday, May 29, 2014

He's Just Cool Like That

We were experiencing "triple digit weather"
and the forecast warned that it would get hotter

Our best line of defense, they said?


and if at all possible stay inside an air conditioned building

Well, our air conditioning unit is an older model that died three years ago,
and I hadn't even missed it

until it was suggested that I would need it

(funny how that works)

So I began making plans on how to help the kids tough it out

a run through the sprinklers
sliced fruit
ice cold water


I arrived home from work
(on what was reported to be the hottest day that week)

and when I stepped inside I felt cool air blowing... THE AIR WAS ON!!!

I breathed a sigh of relief, thanking God for a hubby
who can fix just about anything that he puts his mind to

vacuum cleaners
washing machines

and obviously
even air conditioning units...

he's just cool like that!

When he came down the stairs I thanked him for fixing the air, and the puzzled look
on his face let me know that he didn't have a clue what I was talking about

"I didn't fix the air... all I did was turn it on"

and in that moment I knew who had really fixed our air conditioner
and I slowly exhaled

"Wow, thank you Lord"

And as we sat to eat our dinner, we offered up a prayer
as I realized that there are so many things that we

care about
worry about
are concerned about

but at the end of the day we must remember that

God is concerned about us

and has gone to very extensive lengths to express His concern for us

So not only do we worship Him for who He is


we also can't help but praise Him
simply because...

He's just cool like that!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Music Monday... Victory Shall Be Mine

Read and hear the original post and song here...

"Victory Shall Be Mine"
arranged by Tondra Denise
If I hold my peace, let the Lord fight my battles
victory, victory shall be mine
If I hold my peace, let the Lord fight my battles
victory, victory shall be mine

It shall be mine
It shall be mine
If I hold my peace the victory shall be mine

If I hold my peace, let the Lord fight my battles
victory, victory shall be mine

Saturday, May 24, 2014

One Year Anniversary of the Same Black Dress

I started the same black dress project

to support a fellow blogger...
continued with it as a challenge...
found a new black dress shortly thereafter...

and then fell in love!

As a result

I have been rotating my black dresses
and wearing them for over a year now as I have found

the simple black dress

is comfortable
easy to style
and very low maintenance

You can wear it casual or dress it up

it breathes well
it washes well
it wears well

And best of all it is just so easy to...

grab a black dress

and go!

April 2013

April 2014

My black dress goes tribal!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Turn Any House into a Home

They were


on the bed


I was allowing it
I needed to allow it

painted nails
blowing bubbles in the yard
running through the sprinklers

were all much needed for me this weekend

because when you're an adult woman with

the cares of life


its good to remember what it was like
just to be a girl

and when you're an adult woman with
an inner child who feels like she's suffocating


hearing little girls


is just the thing you need to breathe again

The little one came to inform me...

"We made a fort... We built a house... We made a home"


and I smiled when I saw how they

used a jump rope
tied to a bin
and stuffed into the pocket of a backpack

to hold their house together

If only it were that simple...
to hold a house together

But when these girls get together

there is fun
there is laughter
there is jumping on the bed

the perfect combination of friendship, girlhood, and sisterhood

and I am reminded that...

"Love can turn any house into a home"

Monday, May 12, 2014

Who Cares What They Say?

Social Media...
Reality Television...
He say...
She say...
They say...

Wait!  What did they say?

These days

It seems that we as a society have become increasingly concerned with what they have to say

and it seems as if they always have something to say

But who are they anyway?
And why does it even matter what they say?

Last week as I was reading Matthew 16
I was reminded that they have always had a lot to say

Jesus asked His disciples...

Who do they say that I am?

and their answers
(eliciting a full list of wrong multiple choice options)

led to another question

and the true lesson
that came through in Peter's response

because although Peter

had heard
was aware

of what they

said about Jesus...
thought about Jesus...

he had been with Jesus long enough to form his own opinion
and come to the conclusion that... Jesus is God!

So today I am reminded
to let go of the they say mentality

because at the end of the day
it won't even matter what they say

It will be all about what HE says!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

It Takes Many Mothers

Motherhood is the most
work on the planet
and it is downright impossible for one woman to do alone...
And so God gives us many mothers...

Birth Mothers





So to all of the other mothers who are a part of my "village"...
(there are some awesome men in my village too, but it's Mother's Day!)
Thanks for all that you do!

Happy Mother's Day 2014!

Friday, May 9, 2014

When Mother's Day...Isn't

I knew something was wrong when I pulled up
in front of our house...

the street was lined with cars double-parked
an ambulance sat still and silent in the middle of the street
neighbors stood and gathered

I parked in the driveway and got out of the car

My neighbor walked quietly over to me
and I knew

I could see it in his eyes

"My wife is terminal, so we brought her home to die"
his words feeling like a punch in the stomach

I looked again at the cars lining the street and realized that they had all come home...

all of their kids
and grandkids

had come home for Mother's Day

to be with her...
when she died
The next day as my children and I were leaving the house...

they laughed
and sang
songs they had learned for their upcoming Christian musical

"Shhhh... get into the car quietly please"

I instructed, as my oldest inquired

"Why do you want us to be quiet?"

and I explained...

people are mourning and
when people mourn
we should be respectful of that fact
by being quiet

And once we were safely in the car I realized
that my 11-year old might actually be smarter than me

as he respectfully asked

"But Mom, if they are sad, shouldn't we actually sing louder?"

And I knew what he was trying to tell me

God allowed the sun to still rise and shine this morning
and He allowed us to rise and shine to still see it so...

"We should not feel the need to dim our lights
just because someone else is having a dark moment"

(After all, isn't that the time when they need to see our light the most?)

Because when Mother's Day... isn't

(maybe, just maybe)

a song
a smile
the sunshine

is the only thing needed to remind someone

that even when it feels like

Mother's Day
really isn't

We're still here

to prove without a doubt
that for today and always

Mother's Day
really is

Saturday, May 3, 2014

What Your Mom Really Wants For Mother's Day

I instructed my family...

"Please do not buy me anything for Mother's Day"

And although my family gives really great gifts,
I honestly have more stuff than I know what to do with right now

More stuff is not what I'm feeling.

I've received my fair share of...



catered dinners and
homemade breakfasts galore

But I do not want any of that this year...

And I realize that maybe some mothers do want

an exotic vacation

or a day trip to the spa for a facial, mani/pedi, and a hot stone massage
(see how long that list can get?)

but I can guarantee you that is not what most mothers really want either...

And whether your mother is living or not,
you still have an opportunity to give your mom what she really wants for mother's day

So what does Mom really want for Mother's Day?
(She wants the same thing that she has wanted since the day she found out she was expecting you...)

Mom wants the BEST... for YOU!

She wants...

your development
healthy form
full gestation and smooth delivery

She wants your growth, maturation, and continued success

What Mom really wants is for you to...

dream big
try hard and
conquer great things

so that even after she
(and you)

are long gone from this planet,
the world will have been made a better place

because God used her
to do something


by having you!

(sharing this today)