Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Merry "2015" Christmas

Our prayer is that with each passing year
you will draw closer...

to Him
and to one another

Merry Christmas 2015
from our family to yours!

Monday, December 21, 2015

What My Work Keys Taught Me About Studying the Bible

I have a set of keys that I use almost daily

and although

they look the same
they open different doors

a wooden door
a glass door
a class door

and most days I can use them without even looking

Because since I use them everyday
I know where they are on the key ring

and the other day as I was using one of those keys
(found without looking)

I wondered...

how it was exactly that I had

the right key to open
the right door before me

because after all...

(there are many keys on that key ring)

and although

they look the same
they open different doors

a wooden door
a glass door
a class door

And once inside...

I immediately thought of Peter

who was handed a set of "spiritual keys" to use, and
who handed us a set of "spiritual keys" to also use

to open
the Kingdom Door for others

and I realized why it is so important

to learn
to study
to grow

from the Holy Scriptures

to read the Bible daily
to become familiar with

It's doctrines
It's passages
It's pages


how comfortable we are

holding those keys
handling those keys
using those keys

is the ultimate determining factor in how comfortable we will be
sharing Kingdom information with others

because how often you "use those keys"

will help you (without looking) to determine

when and

to open

a wooden door
a glass door
a class door

Jesus is the Door...
How do you "open Him" to others?

Thursday, December 17, 2015

She's Got Drama!

Well here it is...

Ladies and Gentlemen, we've got drama!

I've actually known for quite some time now

but it became


to me last weekend

as I witnessed my two children perform together in their school musical

They've got drama...

(and I know for sure because I witness it everyday)

but when school started this year
we were informed that the musical was chosen with my son in mind

and he subsequently landed the lead role

because of course,

He's got drama...

and then my daughter decided to try out as well because, after all

She's got drama too...

And when she came home with the role of the "understudy"

We had to talk about

Divine appointment

(a pep talk I've also had to give to myself)


I too have been known to have drama...

And over the next few months she


and mastered the role!

Then on the day of the performance...

reality hit

as she

thought about all of the work that she had put in
realizing that she would still not be the one going on stage

So we talked again

and I was happy when she resisted the urge to pout, deciding instead,
to assist as stage manager during the noon performance as

She let go of her drama

and on the ride home after the show
she talked to me about her experiences backstage

and as I turned the key
and we entered the house

my hubby looked up and said...

"Moriah, you got the call.  Get ready. Be ready.  You're performing tonight at 7pm"

(and my absolute favorite part was her response)

"Thank you, Jesus"

and of course I couldn't miss

the teachable moment
the preachable moment

by simply asking her to remember our talks

which shifted the conversation back to Christmas

(because in that moment we both knew)

that this
is exactly
what this

Seasonal celebration is all about

Jesus seeing our drama

and caring
and coming

to rescue us

so we could be here...
right here...

living a life of gratitude and grace


to know that

he's got...
she's got...
we've got...


and He is with us in the midst of it all


Friday, December 4, 2015

On The Quest To "Cure" Boredom... this Holiday Season

It's Five-Minute-Friday


"Mom, I'm bored"

are three words that simply make me cringe

(to which I've learned to respond)

wash the dishes
clean your room
fold the laundry

(causing children to miraculously disappear, not returning for hours)

And I know that sometimes

they get bored
I get bored
we get bored

because we are just looking for something


to do

So here are some things to try this Holiday Season...

Make Something

Bake Something

 An activity... and a snack?
Yes, please... and thank you!


Go Pretend Shopping

Give yourself a shopping limit (or just pretend shop),
go somewhere you don't usually shop,
try on items you wouldn't usually choose
get creative, and have fun

Have a Sleepover

Having someone else over may help spark a little creativity
 (like the time the girls made)

a fort using only

a blanket
a backpack and
a jump rope

May 2014

Start Planning Next Year's Birthday Parties

June 2013 and  July 2013

I've learned that the key to "curing boredom" is to engage in something


and there are plenty of those opportunities around
(especially during the Holiday Season)

so get out there and find them!

And here's to eliminating those three words,
"Mom, I'm bored", once and for all