Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Mud Love 2016

It makes...

no sense for me to wake 3 hours early


this excited
this anxious
this nervous

except for the fact that it's International Mud Day!

Hair wrapped and ready to go...

Official International Mud Day 2011 Logo

And we've planned for weeks in anticipation of the fun
we hope our kids will experience today...

Mud Painting

Mud Pools

Mud Pies

and last week as we


for this day

I realized the reason we get excited about this
is because it gives us adults a chance

(if only for one day)

to return

back to our childhood
back to our origin
back to the dirt

from which we were formed...

How will you celebrate International Mud Day?

Monday, June 27, 2016

Twelve Candles

We've celebrated

and for 12 candles
we'll keep it sweet and simple...

just like our girl!

Happy 12th Birthday

Moriah Denise

Friday, June 17, 2016

Graduation Lesson...Stand Together and Stand Apart

It's that time of year...

awards have been given
yearbooks signed
tassels switched from right to left

while birds sing to remind us of the season

And as I...

listen to them
look up

I want to share with you
I want to tell you
I hope you know

that although we stand together we each...

stand out
stand apart

because we are each uniquely


So my prayer for you as you head into the next phase of your journey is that you...

"Find what you love and do it!"
(remembering that it is okay for you to)

stand together while you also stand apart

Click to read... A Lesson From Paul

How to Win... and Never Lose

I have a picture with

my son...
playing in a basketball game

my daughter...
cheering in the game

my hubby...
recording the game

and perhaps what I love most is that

I was able to capture this moment
with the three of them

showing how we each

work together

(and separately)

showing how that although we are

a unit
a team
a unified force

we function independently
each with varying roles


sometimes we're in the game
sometimes we coach the game

and sometimes we stand along side and simply cheer

But life has a way of...

distracting us
pulling us aside
drawing us out of character

(and forcing Game 7)

so we must each remember

who we are
whose we are

and our purpose
in the game

because it is then and only then when we will win...
and never lose

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Same Black Dress (A Three Year Journey)

This began as a simple challenge...
(to wear the same dress for an entire week)

And finally,



years in this same black dress

today it ends
as I walk out

in my same black dress

for the final time