Friday, June 27, 2014

Copyright Protected

I have been writing for as long as I can remember...
other works of art
as the inspiration strikes
More recently, however, I have learned that I also enjoy sharing my thoughts/work through
and even in random everyday conversational moments
"Every good artist protects their body of work"...
a good friend of mine reminded me a while ago,
"It's okay if you want to share your ideas with others,
but don't forget to cover your baby"
And her reprimand slowed me a bit at first
because the copyright process
can be very
time consuming
and as I learned more
I had time to
that Jesus also instructed His disciples to
"until you receive"...
and they obeyed
none going out until after they received His promise
He didn't send them out until they were copyright protected!
And now that I have become more familiar with
writing/ copywriting
and copyright registration
I finally understand that
creating the work
submitting it
making the payment
waiting for confirmation
are important parts of the process
Copyright registration is not for the creator...
its for the body of work!
(because after all, I already KNOW that the work belongs to me!)
Copyright protection is how you know that it belongs to me...
and helps to lower the risk of having my work
or falsely claimed by someone else...
"Every good artist protects their body of work"
and even THE Creator is not willing to compromise the integrity of
His body
of work
which is why He makes sure that we are first properly sealed
before sending us out into the world to be "seen and read of all men"
The indwelling of His Spirit is that final confirmation and 
He can then send us out confidently knowing that
we have been
Copyright Protected!
So here's my ISBN(IS Born agaiN) 
Do you have one?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ten Candles

It's birthday season again around here, and we're kicking it off with a ten candle celebration!

It's so hard to believe my baby girl has already reached this milestone and as I was planning her party I realized that the way we celebrated nine candles last summer should have been the party this year!

My dilemma? 

How to have the same amount of FUN with fewer frills and less money?

when I found this mini doll place setting I knew exactly what to do!

First we invited the girls and their dolls...

served mini snacks...
carrots and cucumbers w/ ranch
apples and grapes w/ yogurt
corndogs and pizza rolls

decorated doll t-shirts...

made matching flip flops from cardboard... 

frosted and decorated mini cupcakes...
(for the dolls, of course)

and watched my little girl
enjoy the love and support of her friends and family

It's birthday season!
Up next... twelve candles

(check out how we celebrated National Mud Day with our version of... "Mud Mania")

Monday, June 23, 2014

Music Monday... I Need More

A few years ago as the children in my childcare program were having lunch
one of them puzzled me with his request

"I want more please"

he asked
and as I picked up the spoon to add more

I looked down at his plate
noticing that it was still full

Then as I looked up at him
I noticed he actually still had a mouth full as well

He was asking for more of what he already had
(which made little sense to me at the time)

But lately...

I've been feeling

so grateful
so blessed
so full

and have yet
been craving


more time
more communion
more communication

And although this is

the closest we've ever been...
the happiest I've ever been...

I can't help but notice that

the more I drink from His well
the more I desire of Him

and even though my cup is so full that it is overflowing

I cannot stop

and asking

for even more...

More, More, More
by Joann Rosario
I need more, more, more
Jesus more of you
I need so much more
Jesus more, more, more

Thursday, June 19, 2014

All Churched Out

She said that she was "all churched out"
but I wasn't exactly sure why

or what she even meant for that matter

When pressed further, she explained...

and it turns out that someone had offended her with a
comment made about her church wardrobe choices

(guess she doesn't own a black dress)


as I thought about it
as I have been thinking about it...

I have gone through a range of emotion

First, I wanted to remind her that High School was no walk in the park either
(many comments, opinions, and suggestions were made to us back then)

but we didn't drop out of school!

In fact there are many other places where we have encountered


over the years,

but almost always
in all of those

other cases...
other places...

We have kept going back!

We don't quit our jobs because of someone at work...
We don't stop driving because of someone on the road...
We don't give up on shopping just because of a rude cashier...

No, we keep going back

because we

need to work...
need to commute...
need groceries...

So why are we so quick to give up on church?  Don't we need church?

Then I realized that I wasn't really hearing her...

and tried to understand it from her experience

arriving to the place where you

think you will be safe
think you should be safe

only to be attacked by someone who is

supposed to care
supposed to love
supposed to know God

causing you to realize they probably don't

(after all we're still learning Peter's lesson)

This week I read a daily devotional series on the church

and as I read, I realized that we had been

overlooking the obvious
avoiding the truth
missing the point

in that

there is a vast difference between

the church and
the church building

because the true church is not a building

It is an invisible body of believers that have been called out by God


the building is just where we gather to

reconnect with one another
rebuild one another
rejoice with one another

it is a

place of worship
place of refuge

for all who are...

(or weird)

which is exactly why...


and yes, we do/will encounter some who


our peace

but we must endure them...
for now

because if we claim to be the true church of God
it is impossible for us to ever really be

"all churched out"

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Father's Reflection

We boarded the bus for our mini road trip

and before we departed

our docent

quoted Scripture
and read to us

this morning devotional...
Refiner's Fire
The silversmith holds the silver over the hottest part of the fire,
but he must sit and hold it, watching it carefully the entire time
If he leaves it in too long, it's ruined
If he doesn't leave it in long enough, it's worthless
And when asked how he knows when the silver is ready to be removed,
he simply replies...

I know it's ready when I can look at it and see my reflection

Can God see Himself in you?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Lesson from Peter... In Just Six Verses

As I was reading Matthew 16:13-27, I received an unexpected
"Lesson From Peter"                                                                           
(and Jesus' response to Peter in verses 17 and 23 stood out to me most...)
17. And Jesus Answered "Blessed art thou, for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven".          

23. But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me for thou savors not the things that be of God, but those that be of men  

And I couldn't help but notice that...

Peter went from being praised
to being reprimanded...

from being called blessed
to being called an offence...

from being enlightened by God
to being used by Satan...

all in just six verses!

And it is clear that Peter had other problems

ups and downs
good encounters
bad ones

At times he was attacked
other times he was the attacker

He denied
He lied
He drew the sword


Peter had issues...
Peter was human...
Peter was imperfect...

and yet he was chosen

Standing on the Rock
 by Tondra Denise
The tide rolled out every afternoon
and I watched it from the shore 
 The tide rolled in every afternoon
each day the same as before
God showed me by rolling back the tide
that daily He's ever near
So standing on the Rock is where I'll be
and I'll never have need to fear


And as we watch Peter

grow in God
receive the keys to the Kingdom and the precious gift of the Holy Ghost

we begin to see less of his inconsistencies

as he begins to use all of that misdirected passion
to bless others and lead them to salvation

(And here is the lesson...)

Because if we too, are to be successful in this journey
we must battle our inconsistencies

We must all battle our own inconsistencies

misdirected passions
selfish ambitions

and shift the focus from...

what others do, and how it affects me


what I do, and how it affects others

We must not only talk grace,
we must walk it


if we truly want to replace our
public failures with private victories

We must learn from Peter

so that when the six verses are finally up
it ends with "Well done"

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