Monday, November 30, 2015

Remembering 1979 with... Ain't No Stopping Us Now

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"Ain't No Stopping Us Now"
McFadden and Whitehead


Ain't no stoppin' us now
We're on the move
Ain't no stoppin' us now
We've got the groove

Verse 1

There's been so many things that held us down
But now it looks like things are finally coming around
I know we've got a long, long way to go
And where we'll end up, I don't know

But we won't let nothing hold us back
We're putting ourselves together
We're polishing up our act. Well
And if you've ever been held down before,
I know you refuse to be held down any more


Don't you let nothing, nothing
Stand in your way
I want you to listen, listen
To every word I say, every word I say

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Winston is... My Silent "W"

My husband Winston is...

a quiet man
not given to many words
silent most days

and yet carries a strong presence

He can fix cars, dryers, vacuum cleaners
give massages
and make biscuits from scratch

He is private
has a calm temperament
doesn't demand a lot of attention

and will probably ask me remove this post
(if he ever finds it)

He is not a "hey, look at me kind of guy"
but carries gifts and talents that cannot be ignored

Then one day...

as I was writing the word "whole"
I noticed

the silent "w"

and realized that the only difference between the spelling in the antonyms

is the silent "w"

and although the w is silent
adding it brings completion

to an otherwise
empty word

It signifies that something can go from having

a hole
an incompletion
a defect of sorts

to being


by simply adding...

a silent w

And the irony is that...

only three days after noting this "spelling lesson"
my husband walked back in the house and informed

"You'll have to ride with me... your car has a flat"

(yep, the tire had a literal hole!)

and as we all piled into his car

my hubby and my father sitting in front
me and the kids in the back

I couldn't help but smile
for feeling an overwhelming sense of

peace and

for the "ride along"

as I also quietly thanked God for my "silent W"
because even though the letter doesn't make a sound...

it most certainly enhances the definition!

(sharing this today)

Why I Will Never Thrift Store Shop... Ever Again

I hated thrift store shopping when I was a child... HATED it!

Looking through

the aisles
the racks
the piles of clothes

was something that I just didn't


But as I grew older

I found my way back inside of a popular thrift store
and immediately fell in love with the bargains found there!

Shirts... 3.99
Pants... 5.99
Dresses... 7.99

And I was completely satisfied with my newfound thrifting experience
until the day that I walked in to find a sign that read...

$2 Clearance Sale
and as I began to overload my basket with "new" clothing items I promised myself...

"I will never shop here (on non-sale days) again"

because when it was all said and done I left that day with...

9 dresses
12 shirts
2 pants
4 sweaters
3 coats
1 vest
1 jumpsuit

realizing I had basically managed to wrangle up an entirely "new" wardrobe for just under... $65!

What did I get?
$2 Green Jacket
$2 Plum Sweater Dress

Paired with free "new shoes"

 Long $2 Button-Down Sweater w/ pockets

 $2 African Print Dress
$2 Striped Dress

$2 Tribal Maxi Skirt

$2 Animal Print Shirt 

and these other $2 shirts
also worn with my same black dress


$2 Tribal Flow Pants

$2 Maxi Dress

$2 Black and White Sweater Dress
$2 Polka Dot Dress

each paired w/ a
$2 Black Cardigan

AND a...

 $2 "Summer Orange" Dress
(worn 3 ways)


So here's to "never shopping" at the thrift store ever again!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Quest To "Cure" Boredom... During Thanksgiving Break

The kids will be home an entire week for Thanksgiving Break

And I am already...

thinking about

things we can do to prevent and "cure" boredom before it even begins!

Create a "Gratitude Picture Collage"
with things we are thankful for

Revisit Lessons from their Summer Business

Color*full Creations
creating a life full of color

Read a Book


Clean/Reorganize Their Rooms

My daughter was so into "Owls" last year... 

(but recently informed me that she now likes "Pandas")

This should be interesting...
What are your kiddos up to this time of year?

(curing boredom during the Holidays)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

He Allows Us To Shine

It was parent orientation and

I searched
I found
I smiled

when I saw

my son's visual representation

The teacher approached as I stood there looking and said...

"I really loved his approach to this assignment.  That's why I hung it in the center."

He read aloud...

without God we are bound in sin
with God our light can shine

and when I saw it, I asked...

Do you see the difference between SIN and SHINE?
Do you see what's missing?

and without giving him an opportunity
I answered my own questions while pointing to the letters

"HE" is...

and I love how my (then 12-year old) was able to capture
how the chaotic sinful condition is part of our DNA (the blue squiggles)

showing that when HE is added to sinful our lives

HE changes us
redirects us
makes us a new creation

allows us...

to sHinE

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Remembering 1976 with... A Love Of Your Own

I heard a song from my childhood the other day
that made me smile...

and that song led to another
and another

and as I listened I remembered
and realized that there have been many songs

and in less than 40 weeks
I will actually turn 40 years

So here's to sharing

40 weeks...
40 years...

of music that has made me smile

1976- "A Love of Your Own" - (Average White Band)

1977- "Lovely Day"
(Bill Withers)

1978- "What You Won't Do For Love"
(Bobby Caldwell)

1979- "Ain't No Stopping Us Now"
(McFadden and Whitehead)

1980- "Funkin' for Jamaica"
(Tom Browne)

1981- "I Can't Go For That"
(Hall and Oates)

1982- "Never Too Much"
(Luther Vandross)

1983- "We Are One"
(Frankie Beverly and Maze)

1984- "Cool It Now"
(New Edition)

1985- "I Miss You"

1986- "Call Me Al"
(Paul Simon)

1987- "Always"
(Atlantic Star)

1988- "Two Occasions"
(The Deele)

1989- "Can You Stand The Rain"
(New Edition)

1990- "Vision of Love"
(Mariah Carey)

1991- "Motown Philly"
(Boys II Men)

1992- "Breakin' My Heart
(Mint Condition)

1993- "Anniversary"
(Tony Toni Tone)

1994- "Why We Sing"
(Kirk Franklin)

1995- "Sittin' Up In My Room"

1996- "Draw Nigh"
(Fred Hammond)

1997- "Fire"
(Deitrick Haddon)

1998- "Wrapped Up"
(Dawkins & Dawkins)

1999- "Shackles"
(Mary Mary)

2000- "I Hope You Dance"
(LeAnn Womack)

2001- "Ready For Love"
(India Arie)

2002- "Stars"
(Kindred the Family Soul)

2003- "Second Chances"

2004- "If I Ain't Got You"
(Alicia Keys)

2005- "Pure Gold"
(Earth Wind and Fire)

2006- "Upside Down"
(Jack Johnson)

2007- "Hate on Me"
(Jill Scott)

2008- "Sailing"

2009- "Anointing"
(J Moss)

2010- "He Wants It All"
(Forever Jones)

2011- "Sitting With Me"
(Mary Mary)

2012- "This Place"
(Tamela Mann)

2013- "He Turned It"
(Tye Tribbett)

2014- "Fall At Your Feet"
(J Moss)

2015- "Greater is He"

2016- "Jericho"

Friday, November 6, 2015

I Never Dance Alone

He taught me how to dance

music on
hands up
boogie down

just like that

and I was a quick learner

the music found me
and led me

across the floor
across the yard
across the play ground

as I found myself


while dancing with my girls

during recess

just like that

and eventually
the music slowed down as

I fell in love with dancing
and him

requiring the lesson to
start all over again

as I taught our children

music on
hands up
boogie down

just like that

So this morning, I took one look

at him
at them
at us

and the prompt for the day

grateful for all of the times spent

dancing with daddy
dancing with my girls
dancing with my man

and my kiddos

realizing that I am blessed with many dance partners

which fills me
with an overwhelming sense of


to hold me even during those times when...

I dance alone