Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Friday, November 6, 2015

I Never Dance Alone

He taught me how to dance

music on
hands up
boogie down

just like that

and I was a quick learner

the music found me
and led me

across the floor
across the yard
across the play ground

as I found myself


while dancing with my girls

during recess

just like that

and eventually
the music slowed down as

I fell in love with dancing
and him

requiring the lesson to
start all over again

as I taught our children

music on
hands up
boogie down

just like that

So this morning, I took one look

at him
at them
at us

and the prompt for the day

grateful for all of the times spent

dancing with daddy
dancing with my girls
dancing with my man

and my kiddos

realizing that I am blessed with many dance partners

which fills me
with an overwhelming sense of


to hold me even during those times when...

I dance alone


  1. Loved it! What a great writing style for a post on dancing! I'm your neighbor over on the FMF site.

  2. What a beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing these words with us! What an encouragement for all of us to live the dance! (Stopping by from FMF #42)