Sunday, August 25, 2013

How We Once Viewed Obstacles

A couple of months ago...

My children and I were on the freeway headed to the skating ring
It was Friday night, and they could hardly wait to

use up some energy
see their friends from church
and get their "gospel skate" on

We had made it about 3/4 of the way there,
when one of my children suddenly spoke up from the backseat

"You are driving too slow.  Why aren't we there yet?"

They had been engaged in conversation and hadn't noticed the truck in front of us
carrying an oversized load.  I had been patiently inching along behind it because I didn't want to go around it and risk missing the next exit

My son grabbed my phone and snapped a picture, as I asked
"what do people do with tires that large?"

A couple of weeks ago...
as we toured the kid's club in the hotel where we were vacationing, I saw it... 

A large tire being used as a coffee table; a place for kids to

rest their feet while they

grab a book
or watch movies
on the overhanging television

Such a non-traditional use for a rubber tire, I thought, until...

A couple of days ago...

as I was thinking of

that tire...
that table...

and suddenly realized that my entire (no pun intended) perspective had changed. 

What I had once viewed as an obstacle, was now art!

In this obstacle course called life we are presented with many


which force us to...


Until with practice, we learn the art of maneuvering

an obstacle blocking the path we expected to just skate through

We learn to shift our perspective and find the strength, wisdom, and courage to


and watch as

that blockage
that obstacle
that hindrance

becomes the very thing that we plant our feet on!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Not Pretending

A few years ago...

I took my children to a place called "Pretend City"
and they absolutely loved it!

I had a good time too as I watched them

work pretend jobs
go pretend grocery shopping
and visit the pretend ATM

(to collect pretend money)

They even made me a special pretend meal
and I pretended that it was delicious

Then I snapped this picture of them in the pretend infirmary
as I noticed that they had a lot of real fun... pretending

Well, a few days ago...

My son actually hurt himself at football practice and emerged from the hospital,
a few hours later, on crutches with special instructions to


He had been talking about crutches since our visit to pretend city a few years ago

So why is it that every time I look up, I catch him trying to shuffle his way

to the bathroom
to the kitchen
down the stairs

without his crutches?

It's irony at its best, and I'm thinking to myself...

Aren't you the same kid who had fun pretending to use crutches just a few years ago?
Why is it that now that you actually need crutches, they are left leaning against the wall?
Why are you pretending that you don't need them?

and it occurs to me that...

when we're young we pretend to be hurt
when we get older we pretend not to be hurt because
Being hurt is only fun when it's pretend

But honestly, who has the time and energy for all of that pretending?

Because watching my son has shown me

you can actually heal faster if you just use the crutches
stop trying to keep up with everyone else
walk at your own pace

and likewise, there should come a point in life when we 

grow up
get tired of pretending

and decide that no matter how


we may feel on any given day...

It's better to just be real

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Lesson from Above... Bring Your Nest to the Light

I almost didn't see it...
I had just parked my car
and was heading out of the parking garage when I looked up

and noticed

I smiled and since I was early
I walked back to the car to get my camera

She brought her nest to the lamp so that the light could provide
what she could not


I understood as...

I too

am a mother
an artist
an entrepreneur


have learned
will learn
am learning

that when you want your unhatched egg to


the right thing
the smart thing
the best thing

to do

is to bring your nest to the light

John 8:12

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Thirty-Seven Candles

It's summertime and we've celebrated so many birthdays


and mine!!!

So turn the music up and let it play!


I gratefully celebrated my 37th year on this planet by
waking to the sound of the ocean waves in Palm Beach, Florida...

enjoying a delicious brunch buffet with my family...
hanging at the beach with my girls...

receiving a card that brought tears to my eyes...


sharing a lovely dinner with my hubby by my side...

 and receiving a surprise red velvet cake from my folks!!

I truly thank God for...
another day
another year
another candle on my birthday cake!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Mary... or a Martha

Martha was busy

taking care of business

while her sister Mary sat


at the feet of Jesus

It appeared that Mary was leaving Martha to do all of the work
but Jesus saw it differently...

And I did too...
as I was looking through our recent vacation photographs

My inner Mary/Martha showed up

right here
right there

in Palm Beach, Florida
as I paused to collect photographs of the beautiful sights

and as sights of

the sand and
the sea

were captured

I missed being in that moment with the child in the shadows watching me

What scares me is that I didn't even see her until today

and now...

I realize that being a Mary or a Martha is not just 

an attitude
a position
a state of mind,

it's a daily choice

So each day I have to remind myself that someone is watching me become...

a Mary or a Martha

(can you see her?)