Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Same Black Dress... NEW Shoes!

I was there for one reason, but it quickly turned into another when she asked...

What size shoe do you wear?

and my answer,
sufficing her,

sent her running frantically into the next room

Here, try these on..

They look good on you...
I want you to have them...
I've been waiting for the right person to give them to...

and by the time that I walked out of there I had 22 new pairs!

The last time something like this happened was right before a transition when

my cousin brought me several large bags
filled with clothing
given to me by someone whom I had never even met

Even then we laughed and marveled as I declared...

"I may not know where I am going,
but I know what I will be wearing once I get there!"

And so here I am again...


and patiently waiting
to see where He leads me next


I don't mind...

wearing the same dress each week
receiving items previously worn by others
shopping from other people's closets


even though I may not always know

what my next step

will be
should be

I always know that He is ahead of me

those steps

So I'll put on my "new shoes" and my "same black dress"

and walk humbly
and confidently

while still praying...

"Walk with me, Lord"

Monday, February 24, 2014

Snippets... We Bless Your Name

"We Bless Your Name"
by Tondra Denise

Bless the Lord, Oh my soul
for He is holy

All the honor, all the praise
and all the glory

So we bow before you Lord
humbly adore thee

And with one accord
one praise
yes, one refrain

We bless your Name

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(extended version)
(short version)

Friday, February 21, 2014

"That N-gga"

I took a seat to wait for my lunch order...

I had 25 minutes until my next appointment

A group of young men (whom I presume were college students from the University next door)
walked in and sat at the table next to me

Man #1:  Did that n-gga say what he wanted? 
Man #2:  No, I forgot to ask him
Man #1:  Well I'll just get that n-gga the lunch special

I pulled out my phone and checked the time...

23 minutes

Man #2:  So how did you meet that n-gga?
Man #1:  Man, I've know that n-gga for years, since Jr. High
Man #3:  (laughing)
Man #1:  That n-gga hasn't changed either.  He's always been like that
Man #2:  That n-gga is cool though
Man #1:  Yeah, that's my n-gga!

I lifted my eyes from the phone screen and turned to look at the young men

Man #1 spoke again and I got a closer look at him

He was...

clean cut
nicely dressed

He was obviously...

baby boy

22 minutes

The other two were also young
and I was shocked to realize that Man # 3

who sat

with his back turned to me

was actually white!

I looked down at my phone and sat thinking about how
they sat at lunch counters

black and white alike



so that I could sit here today and not have to hear "that n-gger"

But we've become so desensitized that we make


for our "recreational use" of the word

we've changed the letters
adopted it as our own
and passed it along to our children

And as I sat
barely breathing

I wondered

if I should say something to the young men
how I should say it

There's a rich history here
and I only had

20 minutes and 17 seconds

so I sat...

But they sat at lunch counters to take a stand
I had only 19 minutes remaining until my next appointment

and my order was up

so I quickly grabbed my food and left
without saying a word


I did not know how to
speak up
make a difference

I did not know how to
take a seat
take a stand

Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Lesson in Love... Don't Miss the Bus

He ran with a limp

It looked
quite painful to be honest
quite odd

until I actually saw the object of his affection...

the city bus

And he would have to cross two lanes of traffic to get there
with no guarantee that the bus driver would even wait for him

but he was

willing to risk it
willing to run

with arms waving and a noticeable limp, not caring who saw his desperation because...

his purpose was greater than his pride

And amazingly enough the world around him stopped moving
as drivers and street pedestrians alike paused

silently cheering

"C'mon, you can make it.  You can make it"

and when he finally did
there was a collective sigh of relief because

he had conquered what so many of us often


and that is allowing others to see

our limp
our vulnerability
our weakness

We would much rather just wait for the next bus
than to put ourselves out there like that

But in life we must be willing to... 

say it
show it
give it
live it


we cannot truly live, unless we are willing to love, and
we cannot truly love, unless we are willing to run

across lanes of traffic during the middle of the day

arms waving
limping awkwardly toward our goal

eyes filled with desperation...

and hope

as others stop to


(or maybe even laugh and point)

We cannot truly celebrate love
unless we are willing to put ourselves out there like that, but

today I was reminded by a total stranger that...

It is okay to run with a limp
as long as you also run with a purpose!

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Remembering the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

February is the "Month of Love"

and in addition to Valentine's Day in our home we also celebrate...

my hubby's birthday
my mother's birthday
our wedding anniversary

all within a matter of two weeks!


we take pictures
we document
we talk about

and revisit

the moments that have made us


and everything else in-between because

We celebrate by remembering...

that our greatest lessons in love
have come from learning to see the beauty within these everyday moments

My hubby created this chocolate surprise for our anniversary a few years ago and we loved it so much that the following year I decided to bring out the fountain again for his birthday...

Only problem?

I didn't watch the fountain


the chocolate exploded


splattered all over

the table
the tray
the floor

the curtains
the wall
the door

(no, this isn't Dr. Seuss)

But then...

as we were cleaning "the mess", the children pointed out the design that had been created

so we decided to set the tray out as it was,
and some of the guests thought that the chocolate drizzle was intentional...

a "Jackson Pollock" art inspired dessert tray!

their reaction taught me that sometimes mistakes can be beautiful

that we

honor our love
celebrate our love
share our love

when we remember

the true story...
the full story...
the entire story...

which includes

the good
the bad

and even
everything else