Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Monday, February 17, 2014

"APFLH" Children's Art Studio- The Art of Love

My children were excited when I told them we were hosting a special
Valentine's Crafts and Kid's Movie Night

We moved the couches, brought in tables and chairs from the Children's Art Studio, and
gave the children materials to create cards and crafts to share with the people they love... 

Heart Art 

We watched a movie about believing in the impossible
and just as the movie was ending
my mother called to inform me that my younger cousin was visiting from Texas,
and my aunt was on her way to my house so that she could say "hello"

As I waited for them, I began to think about...

my cousins
my family
my children

and all of the moments we have shared in this house

I remembered that
she was actually one of my first "child care students"

when I babysat her and her older sisters the summer of 1990

and NOW she travels with a company performing stage plays for children 
because she says it combines two of her greatest loves... art and children

It was the perfect full circle moment!

The next day another one of my former students and her mom came by for...

Marble Painting
Plastic Pencil Box w/ lid

Step 1:  Put paper in the box...
Step 2:  Put paint covered marbles in the box...
Step 3:  Shake the box...
and discover a new way to create a "Jackson Pollock" inspired look

The perfect culminating moment to this weekend experience came when
the mom asked her 4 yr. old daughter if she was ready to leave my house 
without looking up
without blinking 
without hesitation
she calmly answered...

I smiled
realizing that my life's


is still
and will always be
right here

(Next month we say... "Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss")

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