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Thursday, March 6, 2014

ONE mistake... FOUR weeks of fun!

Becoming a mother and early childhood educator has allowed me to reconnect to the childlike persistence and resilience that we so often have to fight for as adults.  The night I spilled cornmeal became a defining moment in my personal and professional journey as I learned to see more.  And although it has been almost two years since that lesson, I continue to see more (from the creation of a "Who Spilled the Cornmeal?" child development workshop, to an article proposal for an online child care publication that has been accepted,) my message to you is...

"Don't allow one mistake to keep you floored
Get up and use THAT to make something beautiful"

Please read the entire original post

to discover how one mistake led to four weeks of fun!
The activities for the first three days included using our sensory table for... 
Cornmeal and funnels
Beans and Cornmeal
Cornmeal racetrack

On days four and five the children enjoyed...
Cornmeal and colored sand art
Cornmeal tracing 
During week 2 we introduced...
Cornmeal and rainbow rice
Cornmeal maracas
Blindfold sensory game
Cornmeal sand castles
Cornmeal textured painting
Click here to read the interesting thing that happened
during week 3 when we made cornmeal play dough

and finally click here for week 4 activities and a video... 

Cornmeal letter search
Cornmeal goop
Play dough sensory pie
Cornmeal and shaving cream

We had such a great time making the most of one mistake, but we
know that there are even more activities that we could have done!
So let me know, how would you have used your spilled cornmeal?
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Living Well Spending Less for the 1-year anniversary of Thrifty Thursday! 

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