Saturday, October 1, 2016

Day 1... Through the Lens of Grace

Day 1... Walk

We were instructed to walk

by faith and
not by sight

and this photo taken of me
in this space

is actually proof of
what my life looks like

when I trust you

So please help us Father...
remind us...

each day

to walk in love
to walk in unity
to walk in Grace

as we walk

with You

"Not Pretending"
originally posted 8/11/13

A few years ago...

I took my children to a place called "Pretend City"
and they absolutely loved it!

I had a good time too as I watched them

work pretend jobs
go pretend grocery shopping
and visit the pretend ATM

(to collect pretend money)

They even made me a special pretend meal
and I pretended that it was delicious

Then I snapped this picture of them in the pretend infirmary
as I noticed that they had a lot of real fun... pretending

A few days ago...

My son actually hurt himself at football practice and emerged from the hospital,
a few hours later, on crutches with special instructions to


He had been talking about crutches since our visit to pretend city a few years ago

So why is it that every time I look up, I catch him trying to shuffle his way

to the bathroom
to the kitchen
down the stairs

without his crutches?

It's irony at its best, and I'm thinking to myself...

Aren't you the same kid who had fun pretending to use crutches just a few years ago?
Why is it that now that you actually need crutches, they are left leaning against the wall?
Why are you pretending that you don't need them?

and it occurs to me that...

when we're young we pretend to be hurt
when we get older we pretend not to be hurt because
Being hurt is only fun when it's pretend
But honestly, who has the time and energy for all of that pretending?

Because watching my son has shown me

you can actually heal faster if you just use the crutches
stop trying to keep up with everyone else
walk at your own pace

and likewise, there should come a point in life when we 

grow up
get tired of pretending

and decide that no matter how

wise or

we may feel on any given day...

It's better to just be real

Through the Lens of Grace... for 31 Days

It is October...

(which means it is again time for the 31 day writing challenge)

So come sit with us for 5 minutes each day

to share



through the lens of grace

Day 1: Walk- Not Pretending

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Saturday, September 24, 2016

God's Faithful Five

I knelt to pray and lift up

those same two words
in that same spot

(this time more spilling out and one hand uplifted)

"thank you..."

for the ones who birthed me
and the ones whom I have birthed

because these five remind me that I am surrounded with love

the two who I am becoming like
the two who are becoming like me

(and the one with which I became one)

have each taught me so much about


and have shown me the Hand of God

so as I pray I

lift one hand
five fingers

elevate it toward heaven to say 

"Lord, thank you for..."

my father
my mother
my husband
my son
my daughter

these five together

another demonstration of your powerful
and loving Hand

Oh God

because together
you faithfully use them

to pull
to lift
to hold

me up

Saturday, September 17, 2016

To My Mother-in-Law for the Days Ahead

You welcomed me into your family

open arms

only one request...

That I never stop loving your son

and I cannot even imagine


I could ever stop loving him

because the truth of the matter is

he is easy to love
most days (smile)

And lately...

I have not been able to stop thinking about
what a blessing it is to find and have


Me and "my Winston"

You and "your Winston"

And as we now journey ahead...

I cannot help but think of you


wondering how
remembering when
praying for

because I realize

that when you've been with someone for years...
loved someone for years...

it is hard is hard to live a day without them

So for now we just...

face the days ahead
by remembering the days behind

while eagerly waiting for That Day 

when we
are all

together again

Thursday, September 15, 2016