Monday, March 18, 2019

When in Rome (The Harris Family)

If you...

have wanderlust
love travel
crave adventure

our featured family is just for you!

These ladies show us how simple it is to

call your sisters
call your girls
call your travel agent


wheels up...

hop on a flight to Rome, Italy!


"The Single Sisters"

If these photos don't give you
vacation envy, nothing will!

Los Angeles to Rome
(approx. 6,327 miles)

"Rome wasn't built in a day"


"when in Rome..."

(or Naples)
do as
The Harris Family!

Rome to Venice
(approx. 327 miles)

we often get...

stuck in our own little corner of the world,
stuck in our daily routines, 

and we forget that there's
an entire world out there

So, get out and see it!

Gondola rides in the Venice Canal
must be on your list

so make plans to...
sit back, laugh, and enjoy the ride!

1950 American Diner
Burgers and Fries are amazing...
(if you're craving a taste from "home")

Florence, Italy
a trip to Pisa is only a quick train ride away

Pisa, Italy
grab a cone
so that you can try the gelato


The Leaning Tower of Pisa
because once you have tasted
of an adventure like this

you may never want to stay home again...

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Sunday, March 17, 2019

In Desperate Need of a "Grace-Over"

We are


of wearing


garments of


the world


and in desperate need of

a grace-over...

a make-over
a do-over

a renewal of the soul

(like the sun rising with promise on a new day)

new start
new beginning
new hope

new style
new perspective
new vision

because imagine

how differently
we would all

show up

if the entire world
were to receive

a grace-over...

Days 11-16
One Hundred Days of Grace


Monday, March 11, 2019

New Orleans Style... Family Reunion

Family reunions are an amazing time to


and four of our featured families
share adventures that can only be found

during a

"Nawlins Style" Family Reunion

"The Big Easy"
New Orleans, Louisiana!

"The Family with Young Children"

Los Angeles to New Orleans
(approx. 1670 miles)

 By the time you get to kid
"Number 3"

you already know to schedule flights
accordingly to your family needs...

Tip 1:
Make it early morning or late
evening so the kids can sleep

Tip 2:
Plan for child safety, quiet
entertainment, and comfort

Tip 3:
Pack fruit snacks to help little
ears with adjusting ear pressure


buckle up for an adventure
the entire family can enjoy!

Bayou Swamp Tour

searching for what lurks beneath the surface
provides a unique experience for these city kids


hop on a trolley 
and a riverboat

(two new vessels to add to your
"modes of transportation" list)

for a

Dinner Cruise 

"Welcome aboard the Creole Queen"

to enjoy an evening filled with


The look on "Number 3's" face captures the sentiment!

So until next time...

Lapè Bondye a avèk ou

(God's peace be with you)


when three of our featured families
travel together

consider it a triple threat


SAME grandparents

SAME family reunion!!

(and yes)
we're also headed to New Orleans

Summer 2018

"The Single Sisters"

"The Newlyweds"

"The Single Sisters"
ambush "The Newlywed"...

"Welcome to the Family, Cousin!"

"The Family w/ Teens"

Day One

The Family Reunion festivities began when we met up with
"The Single Sisters" at the airport for our flight out...

The best part?
Our fathers are brothers!!

"Wheels up... NOLA here we come!"

Mardi Gras
"Meet and Greet"

and finally check in to the apartment to rest until...

Day Two
Brunch and
a Scavenger Hunt


The French Quarter

Café Du Monde
World famous beignets?
"The Newlyweds" crossing another item off of their bucket list!

Day Three

And since faith is the cornerstone of our family
we always take at least one day to worship together

New Home Ministries
"Do you have sight or do you have vision?"

Deanie's Seafood
and after lunch

It was time to get ready for the...

Black and Gold Banquet

Thank you New Orleans for allowing

your rich


to provide the perfect backdrop
for our rich, beautiful family!

Here's to another amazing Family Adventure