Saturday, May 30, 2020

Class of 2020... Overcoming Adversity (Corey)

This year is nothing like any of us
could have ever imagined,

causing us to...


(as life certainly does sometimes)

Remembering Dad 
"the first coach"

and the
fact that

We are still here


while standing
in God's grace

as another of our
"Class of 2020"

Corey Martin

continues to prove
the moment you learn to

push past pain

is the same moment you'll realize
there will never be any


able to successfully
block you

Photo Cred: Rosie P Photos

"Bound to see dad's
dream come true"

while praying... 
"God, please protect us"

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"Class of 2020" graduate

Monday, May 25, 2020

Solo Hiking and Self-Care w/ The Life Coach

We're trying to take
better care of ourselves...



while adopting other self-care practices to balance
all of our physical, mental, and emotional needs

Let's take a hike w/...

Certified Life Coach


as she shares tips for
"solo hiking" through life!


Tip #1
Self Care

Self-care is different for each of us

Do what you love
and what is best for you!

She says...

"You must HAVE self-care before you can DO
any of the self-care "ish" things we hear about"


Tip #2
Try New Things

for instance...

I never knew how much I enjoyed being
outdoors, until I actually got outdoors!

Editor's Note:

Hiking trails have
reopened in some areas!!

Check your local "Parks and Recs" to learn more about
how to remain in compliance while being safe/wise

LA County Department of Parks and Recreation

(find an open trail near you)

Tip #3
Let go of fear

Hiking with a group is fun

(and connecting with others
is something we all need)

but don't be afraid to

Get out there
on your own


Tip #4
Enjoy the ride

It's okay when things
don't go as planned

in fact, during this solo hike...



panicking brings on a level of
stress that you just don't need

(and doesn't help rectify the situation)

She says...

I got lost, stayed calm, enjoyed the view,
asked for help, and made it back on track


Tip #5
Stay Grateful

Grateful for

what you DO have...
for what you CAN do...

and grateful to even be alive!

Need a life coach to get back on track?
Give her a call!

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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Class of 2020... Jones Family (Martin Benjamin and Kristina)

It brings a mother joy
to witness her children...

reach milestones
overcome challenges


conquer goals


when Class of 2020
brings you two graduates?

You celebrate both!!

Let's congratulate

"The Jones Family"

while giving thanks for God's grace,
and a trip back down memory lane


"Class of 2020"

In addition to graduating
Quartz Hill High School

Martin Benjamin

also recently graduated

from the Wildland Fire Academy and has accepted
a full time position as a Firefighter in Oregon!

Meanwhile Kristina...

earned a
BS Degree in Nursing

from the prestigious Tuskegee University, and plans to
accept a position in Hawaii after passing her RN exam

(click to view)

"Great things remain for the great,
abysses for the profound, nuances
and shudders for the refined, and,
in brief, all that is rare for the rare."

-Freidrich Nietzsche

We are proud of our Class of 2020
High School and College Graduates

and pray God's peace and love
cover them wherever they go!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Vacation Rewind... Maui 2014 (Lessons For Where You Are)

We document our stories
for two reasons

Gratitude and Grace

because let's be honest...


So since we know we cannot
always see the sun (as it shines)

we stop

acknowledge it
capture it
appreciate it

when we do see it

in order to serve
as a reminder

(on those dark days) 

just how


our lives truly are...

We're headed to Maui!!


three lessons/reminders for
wherever you are right now

The Gardner Family
"The Family w/ Teens"
(before they were teens)

Los Angeles to Maui
(approx. 2,494 miles)

1. Observe

(now is a good time to learn to) 

-stop and notice
-slow down and see

This beautiful "Brazilian Cardinal" landed on our balcony,
and actually turned to look once it noticed us watching.

(Hubby thought previous guests probably fed him,
as he didn't seem to mind posing for the camera)

Free Art Lesson

While passing the hotel boutique
(on our way to the pool)

my daughter and I noticed a local artist
providing FREE art lessons

we stopped in for a private session
and found the time spent together...


(not to mention we still
have our original art pieces)

Put it into practice...

Where are you now?

Stop, observe, notice

something beautiful
something unexpected

2. Appreciate

The Earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof;
the world, and they that dwell therein -Psalm 24:1


a morning hike, breakfast,
and a full day of adventure


a Maui favorite

which provides another lesson
with it's many winding

(potentially dangerous)

twists and turns

Twin Falls Waterfalls

demanding you

(and finally)

take the time to


in the moment

triggering your
natural response to...

3. Give Thanks

"I woke up this morning
with a smile today..."

grateful to be blessed to
see grace wherever we are

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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Class of 2020... from Boys to Men (Ammons)

It's amazing how quickly...

the days
the months
the years

have seemed to pass
as we've watched

Micah and his first friend, Ammons
transition from boys...

to MEN!

They've literally learned to
turn lemons into lemonade

because although their senior year
of High School was cut short,

Ammons has maintained his position
on the Principal's Honor Roll

(graduating w/ a 3.75 GPA)

additionally serving as...

- a mentee with the
100 Black Men of America

-a member on the
speech and debate club

- a YMCA, Youth and
Government delegate

- (co) creator of the
"Politically Incorrect" podcast

-creator and president of B-C.H.I.L.L
(Creating Hopes in Lots of Lives) 


joining the incoming
Freshman Class at...

Howard University

in the Fall!

His family says...

We are very proud of Ammons
and all of his accomplishments!

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"Class of 2020" Graduating Student