Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Overflowing Grace

Your hands are cupped full


trying to grip
trying to grasp



to which you find

cannot be


or held by mere hands

but instead

drips between fingers
rolls down forearms


saturates everything it touches

so that after 100 days

you'll have eventually gone from

trying not to let any spill

to intentionally sprinkling
droplets of grace

to water the ground in the most unexpected places...

One Hundred Days of Grace


Saturday, May 5, 2018

Self-Care is the Conversation We Need to Have

Hey Sister...

pull up a chair
sit down
let's talk

You're important
You're needed
You're beloved

so don't forget

that while you are busy
taking care of




your schedule...

and take

an hour
a week
a day

to stop and take care of



Here are five things you can do at home today...


Hop on a treadmill or Take a brisk walk through your neighborhood


You know those FREE magazines you pass by at the grocery store?
Pick one up... this month's article on "Mindfulness" is right on time!


The bar of soap or scented candles your kids gave you for Mother's Day last year? 

Run a warm bath... light a candle... and relax

yourself from the inside out with a healthy meal


your favorite hobby...
look through favorite photographs...

do something to create new memories!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Find What You've Been Searching For

I retraced my steps...

head down
eyes focused

hoping to find what I had lost

several people

stopped to ask

"What happened? Are you looking for something?"

and after I explained
they stopped to help me search

two colleagues and
five complete strangers

walking around

to no avail


I retraced my steps...

around the block
up the elevator
down the hall

back to the office
finally settling into my chair

and in a moment of clarity
slowly leaned forward and peered under the desk

and right there

in the corner

was my object

in a place I almost never thought to look!

And I realize that sometimes

we retrace our steps
get help from others
walk around


and still cannot seem to find what we are looking for

until we

(in a moment of clarity) 

finally stop
lean forward

that what we thought we'd lost

was right there
under our feet

the entire time


Light a candle, sweep the house,
and find what you've been searching for

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Documentation of Grace... It's Your Turn

You are grateful
You know you are

but have you ever stopped to really

think about

the many things...
the many ways...

with which..
in which..

you are blessed?

Now, it's your turn!

One Hundred Days of Grace


Monday, April 2, 2018

Football Lessons... Work in the Off Season

He's been at this for a while now

although when he began I was unsure

how much of this was his idea
how much of this he really wanted

but as I've watched him


year after year
season after season

(and all of the days in between)

I see and know that ...
when you really love something

There is no such thing as an "off season"

How hard are you willing to work for what you want?

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Work Hard... Win Big
Super Bowl Champs

Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Invitation... God is Calling You to Rest


(originally posted 3/29/13 at 4:10pm)

I have a song...

Many, in fact

but this particular song has been

following me
or leading me

I'm not sure which

But one day as I opened my mouth to sing to the children
this quiet invitation began to spill out...

"Come on in, take a seat
God is calling you to rest, right now...
God is calling, God is calling you to rest right now"

an immediate calm filled the room
the children fell asleep
and I sat singing another 20 minutes or so

That day we all found rest... 

And since that day

the song has been

following me
or leading me

(I'm not sure which)

but it always shows up just when I need rest most


"God is calling you to rest right now"


"God is calling you to rest right now"

the sweet invitation holds my heart
and gently leads me to that place

where I find Him

each time
every time

and I can't really explain the rest that I've found
But I extend the invitation so that you can experience it for yourself so...

"Come on in, take a seat"

Allow the peace of God to calm your


and accept
the invitation



Matthew 11:28

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Turn the Page... A Lesson in Vulnerability

I handed him

my notepad
and a pen

then turned my back to finish the song

he was
too young to know

I was
too old to forget

that a notepad is not the best way to keep a toddler quiet during choir rehearsal

(but for a gentle tap)

"Sis, he's writing on the other pages... not sure if you wanted him to do that"

by DMS 3/27/18

And it wasn't until this morning that I thought about it...

Sometimes in life we hand people our notebooks

we open up
we share
we are vulnerable

and they inadvertently (or willingly)

turn the page

and scribble over something we never intended for them to even see

it is an unspoken rule

but we expect people to
stay on the page that we hand them

because (we think)

this is my book

this is what I am willing to show
this is what I am willing to share


he was too young and
I was just young enough

to learn


sometimes it's okay
to hand someone your notepad


sometimes it's okay
to even hope they'll turn the page...