Sunday, July 21, 2019

Find a Place to Worship (When You Travel)

Our families travel often
which means that some weeks 

we miss the actual church service
being held in our home church

but when one of the readers
(thank you Regina!)

reminded me that

worship doesn't just require a building
worship requires our building

I realized the blessing
we have found in learning to


our Creator
no matter where we are!
Here are some of the non-traditional worship
spaces we've enjoyed while traveling the world

1. On the Flight Home

July 2013
because the Lord can speak from anywhere
(read about that experience here)

Psalm 91: 1-16


2. Overlooking the majestic views of...

The Grand Canyon

because there's something about standing in a space that
allows you to feel both humbled and exalted simultaneously

Psalm 8:1-9


3. On a private beach in...

Bali, Indonesia
Photo Credit: The Ritz-Carlton, Bali
August 2000
(read memories from Bali)


4. The Butchart Gardens

Vancouver Island in

British Columbia, Canada
July 2015


5. Watching the sunrise from a private balcony...

recording an original song...

"Rejoice, Oh My Soul"

and later stopping at the Twin Falls
while traveling the Road To Hana


Maui, Hawaii
July 2014

It's travel season...
where will we worship next?

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Thrill or Chill... at POW! WOW! Long Beach

Driving through my childhood neighborhood
you'll notice new


beautiful street art

Sydney James- @sydneygjames

created during the annual 
International Mural Festival

(returning again)

Pow! Wow! Long Beach
July 21-28, 2019


street art


will inspire you to see the endless opportunities of beauty and grace
as artists continue to beautify the city, turning ordinary into extraordinary  

Definitely something you should plan to see for yourself!

(visit their website for more information)

Attend this year's Pow! Wow! Long Beach 
and send us your most interesting photos!

Monday, July 15, 2019

"Road to 50" Travel Adventures (New Zealand)

I love birthday travel...

so imagine my delight when
one of our featured travelers

agreed to take us along on her

"Road to 50"
Travel Adventures

Missed the first destination?


go back and
read that first

Now on to the next...


"The Doctor"

Bora Bora to New Zealand
(approx. 2,479 miles)

The Doctor was so excited when she booked her trip
several months prior, that she forgot to check the weather

She left tropical Bora Bora
(and 5 hours later) 

landed in a New Zealand WINTER!

(when something like this happens)

No worries...

hop in a cab
head to the mall

and "trade in"

swimwear for warmer clothing!

Traveler's tip:
To ensure availability, sign up (in advance) for
any tours/excursions you'd like to experience

Hobbiton Movie Set Tour

She said...

"Our first stop was my dream come true... Lord of the Rings is my favorite movie. 
New Zealand is so beautiful, and the property is still being used as a farm."


 prepare to head underground for a
different type of "Thrill or Chill" Adventure

"Black Water Rafting"

through the

Waitamo Glow Worm Cave
Photo Cred: Waitamo Caves

(offering certain tours FREE for children
and teens during the month of July)

Can't make it in July?

No worries...

tours are available 364 days a year
(closed only on Christmas Day)

check out the various tour options
and choose one that matches your adventure level

Then with another sunset and


items checked off of the list

it's time to head to the next location!


"E Noho Ra" 
(when you are the person leaving)

(and the locals will reply)
"Haere Ra"

as you prepare for
the next adventure!

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Friday, July 12, 2019

Top Three (Outdoor Brunch Spots in Los Angeles)

Whether you

live in the city
or visit from another

Los Angeles, California
is a foodie paradise!

The beautiful


mixed with a little
Hollywood flair

(and world influenced cuisine)

make for the perfect outdoor eating experiences
almost every day of the year!

Popping in today we have
Tasha (far right) from

"The Adults"

Photo Cred: Philicia Scott

sharing her... 

"Top Three"
(Outdoor Brunch Spots in Los Angeles)

West Hollywood, CA

Grilled skirt steak and eggs

boasted as 
"LA's sexiest restaurant"

step out onto the covered garden patio for a dining experience
guaranteed to transport you to another place and time

Tasha says...

"The d├ęcor is fabulous and since owner Lisa Vanderpump
loves dogs, you can bring your pooch with you...

they're completely pet-friendly  

Whether you decide to eat outdoors or indoors is up to you,
but the rock shrimp appetizer is a MUST!"


Go back to PUMP for
dinner with the girls

or visit...

SUR Restaurant and Lounge
West Hollywood, CA

because whether you're seeking

a romantic atmosphere, or
a place to hang and chill

the down-to-earth vibes here are what
make this dining experience so special

Tasha says...

"The shrimp alfredo is to die for!
They make their noodles in house from scratch"

Photo Cred: Sur Restaurant and Lounge

Perch LA
Downtown Los Angeles

Tasha says the best part about
brunch at Perch is without question...

15th Floor Table with Cocktail Patio Perch.png
Perch- "An Elevated Resting Place"

(check it out)

Her recommendations include:

the French toast
for brunch...


Photo Cred: @PerchLosAngeles

and the braised short ribs
for dinner...


she says...

"On nights when they have live music, what could be better than sitting
on the 15th floor while enjoying dinner and watching the sunset?"

find out who's playing

Share your favorite outdoor dining experiences...

(meet our other families and check out
Marlies' Top Five food spots!)

Monday, July 8, 2019

"Road to 50" Travel Adventures (Bora Bora)

A few years ago...

(in preparation of her 50th birthday)

"The Doctor"

made a checklist of



I asked her to share her

"Road to 50"
Travel Adventures


she agreed

Here are FIVE Destinations
you do not want to miss!


The Schaffer Family

"The Doctor"

Los Angeles to Bora Bora
(approx. 4,103 miles)

whether you are looking for

a relaxing retreat,
a romantic getaway

or celebrating
a milestone birthday

staying in an overwater bungalow
on a French Polynesian vacation retreat

is the experience of a lifetime

Visit the website

Overwater Bungalow
Photo Credit: Le Meridien Bora Bora

and with direct access, you'll experience the pleasure
of freely going directly from "the room to the water"

Dive into the warm lagoon


cross another item off of your "bucket list"
by swimming with the sting rays

Feel compelled to go in for a kiss?

The look on the doctor's face says...

No, thanks!

And as the sun sets take time to reflect...

Each new day brings a new adventure, and
it's only a 5-hour flight to the next destination!

New Zealand

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Friday, July 5, 2019

Top Five (Food Spots in Southern Cali)

*Summer BONUS post*

It's summer...
you're busy...
it's hot...

all reasons to turn off your
oven and head out to eat instead!

So grateful for Marlies

"The Single Sisters"

for popping in to share her

"Top Five"
(Food Spots in Southern California)

It's warm
It's beautiful
It's summer

so begin
with dessert


Long Beach, CA

ice cream
frozen yogurt
shaved ice

yes, to all three!

Gourmet Shakes pictured- "Cookie Monster", "Smorelicious" (S'more), and "Birthday Cake"

Marlies says...

"Snowopolis (at the Pike)
is a must for the summer"

click for...


Hiccups Restaurant and Tea House
Paramount, CA

Asian-fusion with the freshest of ingredients is what
places this restaurant high on Marlies' favorites list



Yep, you may find a location near you!

Before this teacher/real estate agent hosts an "Open House"
she stops to fuel up at her perfect Brunch spot

Abigail's Ocean Bar/Alta House
Hermosa Beach, CA

Marlies says...

"This chicken and waffles (are) everything!!!"

Pho Tasty
Artesia, CA

Pho is a Vietnamese soup made of rice noodles, meat, and herbs. 
The herbaceous broth is attributed to popularizing this dish in the U.S. 

Have you tried Pho?

Marlies says...

"I always add jalapenos, chili paste, and a squeeze of lime
to go with the onions and cilantro (in the Pho)"

"Pho Tasty is AMAZING!"


Kabab Crush
Artesia, CA

she says...

"Kabab Crush is fire"

There's a dish which includes:
chicken skewers, rice, hummus, tabbouleh and pita

"that will make your mouth water"

so no matter how busy the summer gets

make time to 
thank the Lord for...

good food
great friends

and a

palate to enjoy flavors
from all over the world!

What are your "Top Five" Food Spots?

"Top Three" Outdoor Brunch Spots