Sunday, October 22, 2017

Day 22... Grace Still Happens

Let the light within
shine without
"What We Needed"
(originally posted 10/20/15)

He (became) what we needed

an eternal Father
an only begotten Son

not another
but the same wrapped in flesh

for there is only One God

We needed to be renewed as sons
so He (became) a Son

We needed peace
so He (became) the Prince of Peace

We were in darkness
so He brought us light

and everyday
He (becomes) what we need

(while having always been that)
as He takes our

temporary pain and suffering
and juxtaposes it against His

Eternal weight of glory

allowing us to

look upon Him
look to Him
look for Him

with gratitude

while waiting for Him

to translate our temporary moment
into His eternal one

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Day 21... Grace Still Happens

While you are traveling along life's busy way
please also remember to

take time


give thought
give thanks
give praise

for the journey
"Giving Thanks for the Path"
(originally posted 09/02/16)

I had five minutes on a Friday...

(but I only needed one)

to thank God for

His love
His peace
His power

and the daily grace

He gives...

as I travel along this path

Friday, October 20, 2017

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Day 19... Grace Still Happens



gives me permission
to be the same

(while also acknowledging)

I don't have to be
"When Life Hurts"
(originally posted 12/18/12)

I don't usually read the morning paper, but today's front page headlines caught my attention
It read: "Burials begin in Connecticut"

I looked down at a picture of a hearse carrying the body of a 6-year old child and my heart sank  I blinked hard to stop the tears that I felt tears forming in the corners of my eyes

I couldn't cry there.

I turned the paper over as if not seeing it would make it less real,
and was shocked by what was printed directly on the back side of the tragedy

Bold, brightly colored advertisements for

toys on sale
Christmas gift suggestions
pictures of more stuff to buy

(as if what we really need right now is more stuff)

The message rang out loud and clear that sometimes life is...


Sometimes life hurts

In fact, just yesterday I was thinking about the 5 year-old girl in this picture

remembering the...
unspoken pain

she felt as her mother lay sick in the hospital... on this picture day

It's like a tragic headline with colorful ads on the back

"Smile for the camera, sweetie"

But who wants to smile when life hurts?

She eventually managed this forced little smile to disguise the fact
that she had already learned that even children are sometimes left feeling...

sad and

I understand it all better now

and wish that I could sit down with her

pull her up onto my lap
hold her close
and just let her cry...

I would apologize for not giving her the opportunity to grieve that experience;
for minimizing her pain and lying to her that she was alright. 

I would apologize for teaching her to wear a mask,
and making her pretend to be brave when she was only a child.

If I had it to do all over I would let her cry

and after her tears subsided I would pull her in really tight and quietly whisper

Now let me tell you who to call the next time...

when life hurts

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Day 18...Grace Still Happens

share love
share life
share liberty

and don't deny anyone their share
"Edit View Share Delete"
(originally posted 3/12/16)

It was an early Saturday morning...

and the options were laid out before me



and I stopped to remember a conversation
that I had recently had with the children about

how to edit
what you view
when to share


what to delete

Because we are all...


each day with
each experience

what to...


and we don't always get it right

But for grace...

and how God

viewed my situation
shared His Son, so He could
delete my sins, and
edit my life

and now I am


to be the one who

He can continue to...


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Day 17... Grace Still Happens

Today's choice is a lesson
Today's lesson is a choice

for you can either

look down
fall down
stay down


get up
listen up
grow up
"Home is With You"
(originally posted 10/5/15)

We loaded onto a bus
the bus loaded onto a ferry

and took us across to the other side

where we spent the day together


things that none of us had ever seen before

we were in an entirely new place

and when we returned to the hotel one of the children plopped down on the bed and said
"it feels so good to be home"

Only thing is...
we weren't

we were in a hotel
in another country
1275 miles from

our house
our home

the more we grow together
the more we fall in love
the older we watch them become

the clearer it becomes that

home is wherever I am...

with you

Monday, October 16, 2017

Day 16... Grace Still Happens

there is often more than one way to read this...
"Upside Down Faith"
(originally posted 3/18/16)

The nurse came to draw blood as she lay in the hospital ER and

I couldn't help but notice
a tattoo on his right forearm that read...

(upside down)

Why sir, would a nurse have a tattoo that says death?

and then...

an hour later when he came back

I looked again
trying to make sense of it all

and it appeared that the tattoo actually read...

(upside down)

and I blinked...

because we had been there all night
so I wasn't exactly sure what I was really seeing

and by the next morning...

we were transferred so I didn't see him again to ask

or how...

he managed to have a tattoo that read

death or faith
(or whatever it said)

but I thank God...

that even when our experience

is confusing
and scary
and uncertain

we are certain

that Jesus has conquered death
(literally turning it upside down)

so that no matter what we have had to face


it all still just reads...