Monday, August 17, 2015

Let Him Flood Your House... (One Year Later)

I kneel here daily to pray

and as I speak to Him
I find peace in the place that once offered only panic

But this time?  Today?

He speaks back

and says

open your eyes
look up

And as I do, I am aware that it has been almost one year

in this very spot
where I am


that my ceiling landed on the floor

And it's almost as if I can feel Him saying...

Yes, that was hard, but look up.
You have things now that you didn't have then

And I open my eyes to see

fresh paint
recessed lighting
a new ceiling fan

and soggy carpet that has been replaced
with hardwood supporting my full weight

as I worship here on my knees

Then once again my house begins to flood
(only this time with tears)

because you can only know Him like this

if a house floods...
when a house floods...

So, my dear friends, I want to encourage you to please

Let Him flood your house

because yes
you will


wonder and experience
the most vulnerable moments of your life

you will come to know

both calamity and comfort
fear and faith

and perhaps you may even panic
(right before you remember to praise)

But then, and only then, can you look up to discover...

that the things you have now are

even better
much better
way better

than the things that you had then

(sharing this today)