Saturday, October 15, 2016

Early Care and Education Series... (Stress Relief)

We all know that self-care and stress relief is important
but when you are a caregiver it becomes even more essential
to stop and "check your own boots", and ask

What do I need?
What makes me happy?
What brings me joy?

Because in order to...

provide quality care
prevent burnout and compassion fatigue
properly model to others

one must first learn to care for oneself

Here's what I shared this month...

Information Board

"Paint and Sip" (Tea Party)

Resist Art

Tape Resist

Wax Resist
Ocean in a Bottle

Friday, October 7, 2016

Hello Sunshine

He may have been intoxicated but our brief interaction seemed to sober him up...

(me walking past)
Him:  "Hello sunshine"
Me:  I'm not Sunshine.  That's my sister.
Him:  What?
Me:  My sister's name is Sunshine, not mine
Him:  Ohhh.... this is like a test. (pausing) Well, what is your name?
Me:  (walking away) something else
Him:  Huh?
Me:  (answering over shoulder) My name's not Sunshine... it's something else
Him:  Oh, alright then. (chuckling to himself) My name is Else Where. 
Nice talking to you Something Else!
Me:  See you, Else Where!
Him: (laughing loudly) Haaa! Girl, you really are something else!
Me: That's what they say (entering building)
Him: (still outside , but now SINGING very loudly) That girl is something else, ooh, ooh, ooh
The guard at the door shakes his head and smiles as I quickly pass through the metal detector...
"Hello, Sunshine"