Friday, August 21, 2015

Find A Way

I've heard it said that...

If you really want something, you'll find a way, and 
If you don't, you'll find an excuse

And Jesus clearly

told us
showed us

by dying
rising again
sending back His Holy Spirit

the promise
and Power

for which all we need to do is


And yet...

we don't seek
we don't ask
we get distracted
we try to do it on our own

get lost

and don't even try to find

The Way

(sharing this today)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Let Him Flood Your House... (One Year Later)

I kneel here daily to pray

and as I speak to Him
I find peace in the place that once offered only panic

But this time?  Today?

He speaks back

and says

open your eyes
look up

And as I do, I am aware that it has been almost one year

in this very spot
where I am


that my ceiling landed on the floor

And it's almost as if I can feel Him saying...

Yes, that was hard, but look up.
You have things now that you didn't have then

And I open my eyes to see

fresh paint
recessed lighting
a new ceiling fan

and soggy carpet that has been replaced
with hardwood supporting my full weight

as I worship here on my knees

Then once again my house begins to flood
(only this time with tears)

because you can only know Him like this

if a house floods...
when a house floods...

So, my dear friends, I want to encourage you to please

Let Him flood your house

because yes
you will


wonder and experience
the most vulnerable moments of your life

you will come to know

both calamity and comfort
fear and faith

and perhaps you may even panic

(right before you remember to praise)

But then, and only then, can you look up to discover...

that the things you have now are

even better
much better
way better

than the things that you had then

Friday, August 14, 2015

On The Quest To "Cure" Boredom... Let's Learn To Sew

I came out of the store...

quickly got in the car
and immediately pulled out my purchase

My husband looked over at me as he backed out of the parking space and asked...

"What is that?"

"Fabric remnants... your daughter wants to learn how to sew"

and I was excited because
I also learned how to sew by making doll clothes

a skill that has come in handy
a skill that I want to cultivate again
a skill that I want to teach BOTH of my children

(because I believe that boys should learn to sew too)

and I know that...

the best way to learn something new
is to attach it to something you love...

(Five Minutes is up... you'll have to come back later to see what we make)

Friday, August 7, 2015

You Are Always Right... Here

I put my hand over my heart and sang along until tears streamed down
"You are welcome here..."
because when I was young
and vulnerable
I was told that all I needed to do was
open the door
ask you to come in
allow you to come in
and she was right
they were right
You were right
And now many years have past and
we have history
we have memories
we have relationship
and so I smile as I sing along this Five-minute Friday
with my hand over my heart and tears streaming down
because You have done it again


a sermon
a Scripture
a song

that You are always right...

Holy Spirit
by Francesca Battistelli
Holy Spirit you are welcome here
Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere
Your glory God is what our hearts long for
To be overcome by your presence Lord

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

On The Quest To "Cure" Boredom... Going To The Beach

The kids are not the only ones...


new things this summer

because this week we took a trip to the beach with the entire family


And although I have always lived in Southern CA
I have not always had an appreciation for the beach

the seaweed
the sand
the sea

are just not necessarily my favorites

but I went
and watched
and wondered

about how

Jesus calmed the sea
walked on water
met his followers

right there on a beach

And I had no idea...

that He had plans to also meet me right there on that beach
until my daughter showed me

as she


and returned back to my side, smiling, and holding a bucket full of sand and shells

And I should have known...

that Jesus loves the beach
walking on water
speaking to the wind and waves

(and to me)

because I watched

as she took her shovel
held down her shells
and poured out the sandy water

And when I saw it, I looked up at her and smiled
and she smiled back

(although I'm not even sure she realized what she had just shown me)



I finally realized that life is messy

We all have


and shells

all mixed together in our buckets

but the only way to fully

love your treasure

is if you are willing

to stop
to sort
to separate

your sand from
your shells
(click to continue on the quest to "cure" boredom)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Just Try... A Lesson From a Stranger

This Five Minute Friday shout out is to James
from Bella Gelateria in Vancouver
for his reminder to... "Just Try"


We met him on vacation
and he captivated us right away

Ever met someone like that?

Someone with whom you feel completely


And the irony is that although we had waited

in line
for over 30 min

just for an opportunity

to experience
to taste

his internationally award winning gelato

he made us feel like celebrities


gold medals
news paper clippings on the wall

(proved that he was the best)

tasting his gelato and actually meeting him

(proved why)

Because just as we were leaving...

he pulled up right beside the crowd
and began manually unloading his own truck and

he saw us
he noticed
he stopped


thank us
talk with us
encourage us

And maybe he felt it too...

that we were


because he invited us in
showed the kids how to make gelato

and told them


that reminded us to

"slow down"
"love what you do"
"embrace failure"

then "try again"

because as he simply put it...

Most people in life are afraid to fail, so they never try
which means... they have failed already