Saturday, April 29, 2017

Early Care and Education Series (Week of the Young Child)

Week of the Young Child 2017

Music Monday- Sing, Dance, Celebrate, Learn

Tasty Tuesday- Healthy eating and fitness at home and school

Work Together Wednesday-
Work together, Build together, Learn together

Preparing a batch of Italian Herb Play Dough!

Artsy Thursday- Think, Problem solve, Create

Family Friday- Sharing family stories

"Little Nino's Pizzeria" by Karen Barbour
and a sight words salt writing tray
Learn more about WOYC and see how others celebrated!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Buried...or Planted

Some have shovels
while others use their bare hands

to pick up dirt

big piles
big clumps

of dirt

to throw

at you
onto you


You do realize that they are trying to bury you, right?

Well, they buried Jesus
(in a tomb)

and you should know that when you've identified yourself with Christ
and embraced His Gospel

They will also try to bury you

But Jesus said things like

No one takes my life...
I have all power...
I am the Resurrection...

and you can find comfort in knowing
that even if they are successful in their attempts

it cannot spoil

His plan
His purpose
His provision


You do realize that He is trying to plant you, right?

And it appears to me that the only real difference between

burying something
planting something


the intention
the state
the condition

of the item during the time at which it is placed into the ground

So even when others throw dirt

with the intent to

consume you
cover you
cancel you

remember that although they may


be trying to bury you

He may simply be using their efforts...

to plant you

1 Corinthians 15:36
(Originally posted 4/3/15)

Friday, April 7, 2017

He Knows When You've Had Enough

It was just what I needed to see...

My son, the student athlete
had just finished track practice

and as I was driving him across town
for another 2 hours with a different coach

I was filled with questions

"Are you...?"
"Is this...?"
"Does your...?"

and my son, the student athlete
assured me that all was well

so I waited in the car...

and after an hour and a half of intense training
I could hear the coach yelling my child's name

c'mon Micah
pick it up Micah
let's go Micah

and since I'm a momma
(with questions)

I wanted to get out of the car to go ask them

"Are you...?"
"Is this...?"
"Does your...?"

but then

less than five minutes later
my son emerged from the gym

coach saying "Good job today"

and it was just what I needed to see...


has some days

you question
you wonder
you feel

as if it's all just too much and

Then this

a good coach

knows you
well enough

to know when
you've had enough

So friends just keep running until you hear...

"Good job"