Friday, December 12, 2014

Our Home Remodel

This past summer we came home to find our house flooded
and what has since unfolded has been one of the most

amazingly scary
shockingly revealing

experiences of my life
(to date)

I have...

talked to God in new ways
heard Him speak in new ways and
seen Him do things I hadn't even dreamed of

and when it was all said and done
I witnessed Him turn our MESS into a MESSAGE!
(Thank you Chanea for reminding me...again)

The Living Room
During renovation

The Kitchen


And I've always believed, but now I know for sure that...
God really did make a man out of dust

because I have seen Him take

our dust
our rubbish
our tragedy

and turn it into something beautiful

(Romans 8:28)

sharing this lesson...

Friday, October 24, 2014

When It Seems Your Prayer Is A Contradiction

I had been asking for more...

praying about it
singing about it

and before I knew it, I was completely surrounded



until one day I actually heard myself saying...

"Lord, this is too much!"

and it seemed that my prayer had been a contradiction

so I took some time to...


and as we began piecing our home back together



I remembered the old saying... "less is more"
and realized that sometimes
when you're craving more
what you could really be craving is actually less
less drama
less fuss
fewer frills
and that's when the full realization that God knows best
(and that His timing is impeccable)
will light upon you
as you graciously learn how to
even when
it seems that your prayer is a contradiction
Thanking God we're back in our home!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

We All Have Walls

I read about a group of people who were intimidated by walls
(and the giants living behind those walls)


they marched
they prayed
they praised

in faith that their walls would come down
and after seven days...

they did

It's been over a month...

since our house was flooded
the ceiling crumbled and
walls came down

and lately I've been thinking a lot about walls

which walls to keep
which walls to leave down
which walls to put back up

and I've come to realize in life that

we are all faced with walls

walls to tear down
walls to build up
walls that divide
walls that protect

we all have some kind of wall

and whether our walls represent

confusion and division
refuge and peace

we know that there is always more work to be done

and it is up to us to

keep marching
keep praying
keep praising

grateful to just have walls

Thanking God for walls!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Rebuilding of a House

Although it has been almost three weeks since the day we came home
to find our house flooded it still seems like a dream

Walls have been removed and replaced
Floors have been pulled up and discarded
The house has been gutted and nothing seems the same...

The workers are diligently...


our home
to turn our tragedy into something beautiful

And some days we feel just like that house
(like we've been gutted)

but we dare not complain because we understand
that sometimes

God chooses to destroy the old to make anew

and if we are, in fact, God's house then it is easy to see why
He tears out the old...

dark thoughts
bad habits
old ways

to make

something beautiful
and new

As He takes our...

old lives
filled with sin and shame

to give us His
filled with hope and love

and even though I may not have chosen for it all to happen in this way

I am so grateful that He is still diligently...


this house

Ever feel like your entire life is under construction? 
(click here to see the walls back up!)

Monday, September 1, 2014

Life Under Construction

Life is filled with so many

twists and turns

which sometimes lead to questions

Lord, am I handling this right?
Lord, am I in Your will?
Lord, am I missing something?

and finally the request...

Lord, please show me

Last month I started a new job
the gas company started a major overhaul project in my neighborhood
and the gated community where my folks live were repaving the side gate

which means that I was surrounded by change!

After my second week of frustration
I realized that there was no way for me to escape the construction

so I surrendered...

And just as things seemed to be settling down
our living room ceiling caved in...

That night the hubby and I packed up the kids and headed to the hotel
which we will call home for the next few


and as we pulled into the driveway

we were greeted by a hotel which was also currently... under construction!

And right there in


that I couldn't miss...

were my initials

reminding me to just

sit still
and wait
in compliance

because there is

no where
no place
no way

to escape...

His construction

Ever feel your life is under construction
Just. Be. Still.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Lesson from Mary... Remember Who He is

We were on the flight home from vacation (when I couldn't help but overhear) as the passenger in the seat ahead of me sat explaining the in-flight movie to her grandson

Her words caught my ear...

"God's son"
"Mary, His Mother"

and as I peaked over her shoulder

there was a cross
an angry mob
and Jesus

spilling Blood...

The actress playing the role of Mary was convincing
as she silently mouthed the words "my son"

and right there
in that moment

at 40,000 feet
traveling 550 mph

I learned
I realized
I finally understood

that the only way that she could have

stood there

that moment

was by remembering

who He was
the revealed plan and the purpose of His life

The only way that she survived that heart wrenching moment
was in remembering that

This was ordained by Him

Last week...

when we arrived home from work
we were met with an unbelievable sight

Water gushing
Exposed pipes
House destroyed

with our ceiling now on the floor

And its funny how in that moment I found my way back to Mary

as I stood on soggy carpet
looking at the gaping hole where the ceiling once was and telling myself...

"This was ordained by Him"

and then I really

finally understood

that the only way any of us can ever


life's heart wrenching moments
is if we also remember...

who He really is