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Thursday, July 31, 2014

What the Kids Are Up To... Branding

If you are following "What the Kids Are Up To This Summer" then you've already read...

after which the children were so anxious/excited to get their business started,
they grabbed their bracelets and pleaded to go outside to sell to the neighbors

But instead of the green light

I reminded them that this is a business and introduced yet another important lesson...

The focus:                                                                                                                      
Business Branding

The lesson:
The importance of branding a business to build success

A look at branding as the way a business is presented to the world,
which includes, but is not limited to...

company logo
marketing materials

The assignment:
I wanted them to first take time to plan out their

business design
establish a brand and
create a brand identity

So I asked them to...

Design a Logo
Create a Slogan
Streamline their Packaging
Create a dream board as a visual representation of what they wanted their brand to say

 Then a quick look around our home led us to find items we could
turn into something else

 And with some tape, a few sheets of paper, and a 1/4 can of leftover spray paint...

our repurposed chocolate box and paper towel
holders became their new bracelet display case!


Color*full Creations
creating a life full of color

What the kids are up to next...

(and a field trip!)
Link-ups below...


  1. Awesome. So proud of the lessons described here. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thank you Cousin! We're doing our best here, but what has surprised me most is seeing the level of dedication and passion they are developing for business. Please keep reading... more lessons coming!