Monday, January 19, 2015

Your Opinion Doesn't Matter... Your Voice Does

We comment
We share
We like

We friend
We pin
We post

We are passionate

about everything...
and nothing...

We watch, but do not see
We listen, but cannot hear

We cry
We scream
We demand

and yet our voices remain silent

We have an opinion and will fight to defend it
(but we never really do more than that)

We believe
We march
We pray

But what action do we take?

And since today is filled with so many


we shouldn't consume all of our energy
by having just an opinion

Because tomorrow... 

all of today's opinions will get

mushed together
clouded by reaction and
pushed further down into the news feed

And when you wake to find the remnant of your opinion cannot even be found
maybe then you'll realize that your opinion doesn't even really matter...

only your voice does

(original blog post 11/24/14, 10:37pm)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Allure of Jesus... and Jay-Z

I wake early to...


make some coffee
turn on the computer
log in

It takes a while to warm up,
but as soon as it does

it begins flashing


of people and events
that it thinks

will catch my attention
pique my interest
draw me away

It seems to somehow know me...

and I've found

that if I pause long enough (without clicking)
the screen will automatically shift
to the next series of stories designed with me in mind

stories that know how to pull me in

and it doesn't matter if I am even a fan
because the series of clicks have led me here anyway

a kind deed for an unsuspecting family... click
a veteran's surprise homecoming video... click
wedding photographs of people whom I have never met... click
celebrity babies and birthday celebrations... click

And although the stories do not


I crave more...

and I have now drifted farther than I ever intended to go

so with original intent clouded
(and the back arrow no longer a viable option for reaching my destination)

I log out instead

Then later in the day...

I am called upon by someone who requests for me

to pray for her
to pray with her
to stand with her in prayer

and after

we pray
we talk
we encourage

one another by

rehearsing His goodness
recalling past victories
reciting His Word

and as we continue
we begin to feel the Spirit drawing us nearer

until we have once again found that inner place of


and have now forgotten all about

what's trending
what's trendy

as we remember that there is only One Name that we can consistently

call on...
count on...

(because Jesus has allure too!)

And so the next morning...

I wake early to


let the computer and
the coffee pot rest

hit the floor and
crack open His Word instead

(because today)

He has made it so much easier

for me
to choose

whether to follow the allure

of Jesus
or Jay-Z

(Matthew West says it best... Grace wins!)

Monday, January 5, 2015

What My Heart Sings... Strength, Courage & Wisdom

Beginnings and endings always seem to cause some
for the path in which our lives are leading us
Beginnings and endings force us to stop and look at
where we are and
where we wish to be
and everything in-between...
And as one
...another one begins
(which has caused me to look)
at then 
and now
and everything in-between

my supplication
my desire
my song

for this New Year
(and always)

is still for God's


and wisdom
"Strength, Courage & Wisdom"
by India.Arie

Thursday, January 1, 2015

First Lesson for The New Year... Just Say "Hello"

I entered the elevator in a hurry
barely noticing him

It was the holiday season
the mall was busy and
I had limited time to grab my items and go

So when I stepped into the small space
I saw... but did not notice


I shuffled toward the back of the elevator to look out of the glass window
as we went up another level

There were... 

shoppers rushing
sale lights flashing
children waiting in line to give Santa their Christmas wishes

and then...


three beeps followed by an automated...


and as I turned

I saw and finally noticed

a young man in a specialized wheel chair and
a young lady with him talking on her cell phone

and I wondered

how I did not notice him before
why I did not notice him before

because it was so obvious that even though he was experiencing
severe physical challenges, his mind was working fine

and as I looked into his big bright eyes
it seemed as if they were smiling back at me

(and here's where it gets interesting...)

because even though he didn't actually say anything else

I could hear him

as he noticed the look of surprise on my face
and responded...

Yes, I am here

and even though you did not notice me before
I am here
and I forgive you

for stepping

into this space
into this moment

with me

and not bothering to


or even smile and just say...


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