Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

First Lesson for The New Year... Just Say "Hello"

I entered the elevator in a hurry
barely noticing him

It was the holiday season
the mall was busy and
I had limited time to grab my items and go

So when I stepped into the small space
I saw... but did not notice


I shuffled toward the back of the elevator to look out of the glass window
as we went up another level

There were... 

shoppers rushing
sale lights flashing
children waiting in line to give Santa their Christmas wishes

and then...


three beeps followed by an automated...


and as I turned

I saw and finally noticed

a young man in a specialized wheel chair and
a young lady with him talking on her cell phone

and I wondered

how I did not notice him before
why I did not notice him before

because it was so obvious that even though he was experiencing
severe physical challenges, his mind was working fine

and as I looked into his big bright eyes
it seemed as if they were smiling back at me

(and here's where it gets interesting...)

because even though he didn't actually say anything else

I could hear him

as he noticed the look of surprise on my face
and responded...

Yes, I am here

and even though you did not notice me before
I am here
and I forgive you

for stepping

into this space
into this moment

with me

and not bothering to


or even smile and just say...


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  1. Hello Sonya... and thank you for stepping into this space with me!