Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanks Giving

We say it together, but it's two words really...


or the act of


It's a simple definition...
pretty easy to understand

which is why I was surprised upon reading the rendition in my son's "Student Dictionary"...

Thanksgiving:  a national holiday celebrated the fourth Thursday in November 

It stated just the facts with...

No mention of history
No mention of family
No mention of thanks
No mention of giving

Just listed a day and a month

But that's not all we need to know...

Thanksgiving is more than just a Holiday in November

Thanksgiving is more than just...


It's more than just the fourth Thursday of the month

Thanksgiving is a day we've set aside to give thanks because... 

life was sacrificed
for this day,

for this meal

So when my students come to me looking for the definition of Thanksgiving,
I hope they find what they need to know

and determine within themselves to celebrate
(not just the fourth Thursday of November)

but each day with


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Carefully Watching

I am carefully watching...

what I say
what I share
what I show

because I know that with the ones around me...

it's not just about what I say
it's also about what I do

So I arrive early

to stand
and wait
and watch

as the children play out on the yard

And in a moment of clarity I am carefully watching...

the first grader who attended my child care program
some boys in my son's grade
the girl who my daughter claims as her best friend

because I want to see

how they are
who they are
what they do

when they don't know
that I am watching


I wonder
I worry
I realize

that maybe sometimes

we forget that He is also carefully watching

and that

how we are
who we are
what we do

(when we think that no one sees)

speaks volumes

And so I arrive early

to stand
and wait
and watch

until what I see

makes me smile
warms my heart
restores my confidence

and I know that

I will
they will
we will

all be just fine with Him...

carefully watching

Monday, November 3, 2014

Trick Or Treat? Teaching My Children About Choices

I was surprised when my twelve-year old asked to go "trick or treating"

with his friends...
at night...
without me...

and when he returned
two hours later with a bag full of loot

my jaw dropped

and THEN...

moments later when he called me into the kitchen to show me how he had meticulously

separated the candy
into piles
by flavor and brand

I was impressed!


and as I looked at

all of those piles
all of those options

the realization hit me

My kid is a young man

and he is already cultivating


of his own

and at some point

I am going to have to completely let go and trust that I have done my job as his mother to equip him with good decision making skills

because the day is coming (and is now upon us)
when he will

venture out

with his friends
at night

without me

and as he walks through this life
he will encounter people who wish to fill his bag with all sorts of things

some tricks
some treats
some things

that he will find useful
and others that he will not

And so my prayer...

is that he avoid as many tricks as humanly possible

that he be brave enough to unwrap and try some things
and wise enough to leave others alone

I pray he knows the difference and
doesn't try to eat everything all in one night

I pray his decisions steer him clear of stomach aches and cavities

and may he always remember to separate the items
to get a better view of the options laid out before him


one day he will venture out
without me

and I want to


that I have prepared him with the skills he needs to make


decisions with the choices laid out before him...

Choose wisely, son
Choose wisely

sharing this today...