Monday, March 31, 2014

When Life Gives You Lemons... And Fourth Grade Math!

I hated Fourth grade math growing up!
(there I said it)

I hated it...

word problems

none of it made any sense to me at the time

And now that my daughter is in the fourth grade,
I see her developing the same disdain for math,

but I have since learned

that when life gives you lemons...
you can make lemonade

A few weeks ago...

one of my colleagues gave me lemons


lemons handpicked from the tree in her yard
that I brought home and sat on my kitchen counter

I laid down to take a nap and woke to find that my children had made lemonade!

My mind drifted back to

A few years ago...

when we made and sold lemonade with the children in our child care program

and the children were so excited for the opportunity that they

baked cookies
made signs and
put on their best smiles

to successfully market their business

A few days ago...

we had a community yard sale and my daughter and I decided to make lemonade again using

1 cup of lemon juice
1 cup of sugar
7 cups of water

and as we

filled and refilled our container

I realized that we were doing fourth grade math!

Moriah, since we already used the 1 measure cup for the lemon juice, let's use the 1/4 measure cup for the sugar 

How many do we need?


Ok, great but let's double the recipe...  so how many is that?


Now let's use the 1/2 measure cup for the water...
and how many do we need if we double that?"

And when she answered correctly,

I grabbed a sheet of paper and scribbled the numbers out so that she could see,
and her face lit up when she recognized that she was doing fourth grade math

and getting it
and liking it

realizing that she doesn't have to hate fourth grade math because fourth grade math helps us

make sense of the world around us
solve real life problems and
make lemonade

Fourth grade math makes life easier and I'm so glad that my former nemesis came back
to give me the opportunity to teach my children exactly what to do when life gives them lemons.

Fourth grade math in action!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Same Black Dress... and a Man's Suit

I hang my black dress on the curtain rod in my room every Saturday evening
in preparation for church the next day, but on this particular morning I woke to also find...

his Sunday wear next to mine!

And I realized how blessed we are

to have each other
as we head out together

for another day of worship

 This is the day that the Lord hath made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!

(one year anniversary of the same black dress)

Friday, March 21, 2014

So in Love

He caught me watching him

He was watching tv and
I was watching him

and when he noticed me watching,
he looked over and asked "What?"

and I smiled because when you're in love

sometimes just


is enough

like when you bring your newborn baby home from the hospital and you watch him sleep...

when you see the children help one another with homework...

when you come home from work exhausted and notice

happy children
dinner on the table
and a clean kitchen

and you know that you're in love because you just can't stop
the noticing

and you're so grateful to have someone to

look at...

My daughter noticed a sprig of hope growing out of a tree in our front yard

she said...

"Today is the first day of Spring"

and as I looked
I remembered why I am so in love
and now I can't stop thinking about how this love affair came to be

He noticed and loved us first

I fell in love with Him

he fell in love with Him

He introduced him to me

he fell in love with me

I fell in love with him

and now we're all in love because He loved us first!

And now that it's spring again, I just can't stop

because I am so in love
and that sprig of hope reminds me that...

As long as we stay connected to the Tree,
our love will always keep right on growing!

Monday, March 10, 2014

I Still Believe

When I was in first grade my teacher painted a surprise for us on St. Patrick's Day...

small green footprints
leading up the wall and
into the vent near the ceiling

As soon as we entered the classroom,

we all


and many of us also believed...

Then after lunch recess
we came back to our desks to find

hand-written notes

to each of us (from Patrick) the leprechaun who claimed to be visiting only for the day...

and yet

he stayed with us for years

as many of us would return to her class each year to witness
the "new" believers receive their letters

And no matter how big we had gotten, each year she would let us back in to see...

Her only rule?

You still had to believe

Well I get it now...

As Early Childhood Educators it is our job to plant seeds of

hope and

in something


We provoke

thought and wonder
curiosity in the unknown and
give permission to believe in that which cannot even be seen

Then we protect those newly planted seedlings
by not allowing anyone to

trample them
destroy them
impede their growth

Yes, I get it now...

and I am grateful for all of the people who God has used
to cultivate the seeds He's planted within me

So, to Mrs. Sammons (and so many others along the way)

Thank you...

for teaching me

to notice
to hope
to dream

I am looking up
and yes...

I still believe!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

ONE mistake... FOUR weeks of fun!

Becoming a mother and early childhood educator has allowed me to reconnect to the childlike persistence and resilience that we so often have to fight for as adults.  The night I spilled cornmeal became a defining moment in my personal and professional journey as I learned to see more.  And although it has been almost two years since that lesson, I continue to see more (from the creation of a "Who Spilled the Cornmeal?" child development workshop, to an article proposal for an online child care publication that has been accepted,) my message to you is...

"Don't allow one mistake to keep you floored
Get up and use THAT to make something beautiful"

Please read the entire original post

to discover how one mistake led to four weeks of fun!
The activities for the first three days included using our sensory table for... 
Cornmeal and funnels
Beans and Cornmeal
Cornmeal racetrack

On days four and five the children enjoyed...
Cornmeal and colored sand art
Cornmeal tracing 
During week 2 we introduced...
Cornmeal and rainbow rice
Cornmeal maracas
Blindfold sensory game
Cornmeal sand castles
Cornmeal textured painting
Click here to read the interesting thing that happened
during week 3 when we made cornmeal play dough

and finally click here for week 4 activities and a video... 

Cornmeal letter search
Cornmeal goop
Play dough sensory pie
Cornmeal and shaving cream

We had such a great time making the most of one mistake, but we
know that there are even more activities that we could have done!
So let me know, how would you have used your spilled cornmeal?
Sharing this over at No Time For Flash Cards and also at
Living Well Spending Less for the 1-year anniversary of Thrifty Thursday! 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lord, Show Me A Sign

The campus was undergoing construction and I wasn't sure if I would know which way to go,
so I said a quick prayer before heading out...

"Lord, please make my path straight and show me a sign"

Sure enough when I arrived
I found parking being redirected

as several men waved large signs pointing to where I was now supposed to park

I smiled and pulled into the parking garage and found a spot

Volunteers in brightly colored vests were strategically placed along the path that led to the

conference registration
free continental breakfast
keynote address

A quick glance at the program indicated that each of my three workshops
would be held in Building T

I headed out of the gym and began walking and there it was

a sign showing me which way to go

"Lord, show me a sign", I had prayed

and now this...

And the irony was not totally lost on me because
God has a sense of humor and I know it

T is also my nickname

and as I read
the sign

Building T, go right

I also read it as
for "building" T, go right!

Only if life were always this easy
(a sign with our name and an arrow pointing which way to go)

But God has left us a sign...

His message
His Word

The Holy Bible

which points us in the right direction

And when we open it and begin to read
He makes our pathway straight

So today if you're...

unsure of where you're going
unsure of how to navigate this confusing world

or if the place you've always known
is now under construction

take a moment


slow down
look to the sky
and pray for direction

Proverbs 3:3-5