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Saturday, July 12, 2014

"APFLH" Children's Art Studio... Mud Mania

I could hardly wait
for International Mud Day
to arrive
(and even though we missed the actual date)
there was absolutely no way we were going to
let the season completely pass without some sort of ...
mud celebration!

Official International Mud Day 2011 Logo

 Activities included:
Mud Painting
Mud and Stone Mosaics
Mud Pies

from our very own Mud Café

hand decorated mini mud cakes... 
(the kids were so surprised when Grammie stopped by to order the "Mud Special"...
they even tried to give her a "to-go" container to take home leftovers for Papa)
she declined
so the kids finished up with...
Mud Creations
(using homemade coffee play dough)
The kids and I had so much fun celebrating mud day together 
that the decision to do this again someday was unanimous...
and some day
just happened to be the next Saturday!
And as promised the following Saturday, we brought out the mud fun
and continued painting with our tinted mud
added leaf imprint painting
made more mud pies
and finished it off with an outdoor mud kitchen
complete with clean-up station!
So many mud activities... so little time

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