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Thursday, September 18, 2014

What The Kids Are Up To... Mapping Expansion

First day of school has officially come and gone
along with...

school shopping
parent orientation
and the back to school blues

all over again

Summer went by fast for us and
I'm sure it was because of all that the children were up to this summer

Session 1- Brainstorming and Strategic Planning
Session 2- Branding
Session 3- Production, Testing, and Product Placement and Distribution
Session 4- Marketing
Session 5- A Full Product Launch
Session 6- Record Keeping and Accounting
Session 7- Customer Service/ Teamwork and Collaboration

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And the final summer lesson...

The focus:                                                                                                                      
Mapping Expansion

The lesson:
How to increase global and/or online presence

The assignment:

Review the business journal and ledger
Study other successful brands and consider mapping/expansion strategies
Discuss the future of Color*full Creations and decide...what next?

Color*full Creations
creating a life full of color

Thanks for supporting this journey and keep reading to see what the kids are up to next...

Summer 2015

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