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Friday, December 4, 2015

On The Quest To "Cure" Boredom... this Holiday Season

It's Five-Minute-Friday


"Mom, I'm bored"

are three words that simply make me cringe

(to which I've learned to respond)

wash the dishes
clean your room
fold the laundry

(causing children to miraculously disappear, not returning for hours)

And I know that sometimes

they get bored
I get bored
we get bored

because we are just looking for something


to do

So here are some things to try this Holiday Season...

Make Something

Bake Something

 An activity... and a snack?
Yes, please... and thank you!


Go Pretend Shopping

Give yourself a shopping limit (or just pretend shop),
go somewhere you don't usually shop,
try on items you wouldn't usually choose
get creative, and have fun

Have a Sleepover

Having someone else over may help spark a little creativity
 (like the time the girls made)

a fort using only

a blanket
a backpack and
a jump rope

May 2014

Start Planning Next Year's Birthday Parties

June 2013 and  July 2013

I've learned that the key to "curing boredom" is to engage in something


and there are plenty of those opportunities around
(especially during the Holiday Season)

so get out there and find them!

And here's to eliminating those three words,
"Mom, I'm bored", once and for all


  1. Looks yummy! Lots of good ideas here! Thanks for sharing! (Your neighbor at FMF) Happy Friday to you!

  2. I had to laugh when I read, "Mom, I'm bored." How familiar! But my one son had a kindergarten teacher who used to say, "Boredom is a sign of a lack of creativity," and I was so thankful for that---because I used to quote her a lot! Then I'd say something like, now you just sit here for five or ten minutes, and I imagine you'll think of something interesting to do. And they usually did. But I also used your jobs list method, and think it's just as effective! Good tip to use on ourselves, too. Thanks.

    1. Yes, Sylvia! I tell my children the reason that "I don't get bored is because I'm not boring!" (that's when I usually get the tween/teen eye roll like "seriously, mom?") But I really do believe that I have enough thoughts and ideas brewing inside of me to keep me busy for a lifetime! Praying God's grace will keep my mind as long as He decides to keep me here.

  3. My sister and I were often guilty of saying those words. Great list of activities for your kids. Visiting from FMF where I'm parked in the #46 spot.

    1. Oh no, Tara! NOT THOSE WORDS! It's funny because the kids were busy with a summer business in 2014, and this past summer I decided to just let them relax and have a "free range" summer. But then... "THOSE WORDS" made me cringe as they started complaining of boredom only two weeks in. And so, we started out on a quest to "cure" boredom. It's been pretty interesting, I must say.

  4. What great ideas... and those strawberries!!! Oh my!

    1. Yes Karrilee! Those strawberries were delicious. I think what made me most proud of those strawberries was that my daughter melted down her leftover school fundraiser chocolate and covered strawberries we already had in the fridge. When I glanced up from blogging... (I mean researching) and saw her creations, my jaw dropped!

  5. I totally understand the "I'm bored" thing despite not being a mom yet, but I love the suggestions on what we can do so we're not bored. I'm a brand new blogger and new to the FMF community in the #55 slot. Interesting post, it's definitely outside the box thinking and making me think of food! :)

  6. Tondra,
    I truly enjoyed this post!
    My favorite part:
    I've learned that the key to "curing boredom" is to engage in something


    So true! We are searching for meaning and our empty online scrolling leaves us exactly that: empty. But, if we look at beautiful food pictures and actually create-move-engage-and become movers, well, it's time well spent!

    Thanks for visiting me, I've missed you. And, I'm so impressed by your kids' creativity!
    (#6 this week)

  7. Tondra Denise, I enjoyed reading your post and shared it with family and friends. :-) Blessings.

  8. These are some great boredom busters for sure! You have a beautiful family!

  9. Great ideas, Tondra! My cure all for boredom is a good book ;).