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Friday, July 19, 2013

Nine Candles

It is birthday season in our home and we like to celebrate big!

The festivities began with my daughter's b-day which is followed...
Thirteen days later by my son's b-day which is followed...
Thirteen days later by my b-day!

Check out how we kept the party going all month
First up... a spa party sleepover with facials, mani/pedis, giggles and girls galore!

Homemade "Cookie Cake" by Auntie Sunshine

with a 1985 flashback
(proof that second generation friendships rock!) 

The next morning the girls woke to a lovely continental breakfast
and then made these rainbow cupcakes from... Apartment Therapy


Then it was on to more fun  
in our Children's Art Studio with...
Microwave Puff Painting inspired by One Crafty Mumma
Cloud Dough inspired by Growing a Jeweled Rose
Rainbow Rice that you can read more about over at Things to Share and Remember

and finally, a chocolate play dough that
looked good enough to eat from Happy Hooligans

 One summer b-day down... two more to go!

Click here to see how we celebrated "Eleven candles"

(APFLH Children's Art Studio Time will resume with... Flavors of Fall)

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