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Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Lesson in Love... Don't Miss the Bus

He ran with a limp

It looked
quite painful to be honest
quite odd

until I actually saw the object of his affection...

the city bus

And he would have to cross two lanes of traffic to get there
with no guarantee that the bus driver would even wait for him

but he was

willing to risk it
willing to run

with arms waving and a noticeable limp, not caring who saw his desperation because...

his purpose was greater than his pride

And amazingly enough the world around him stopped moving
as drivers and street pedestrians alike paused

silently cheering

"C'mon, you can make it.  You can make it"

and when he finally did
there was a collective sigh of relief because

he had conquered what so many of us often


and that is allowing others to see

our limp
our vulnerability
our weakness

We would much rather just wait for the next bus
than to put ourselves out there like that

But in life we must be willing to... 

say it
show it
give it
live it


we cannot truly live, unless we are willing to love, and
we cannot truly love, unless we are willing to run

across lanes of traffic during the middle of the day

arms waving
limping awkwardly toward our goal

eyes filled with desperation...

and hope

as others stop to


(or maybe even laugh and point)

We cannot truly celebrate love
unless we are willing to put ourselves out there like that, but

today I was reminded by a total stranger that...

It is okay to run with a limp
as long as you also run with a purpose!

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  1. Very nice post. Something we must all remember.