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Saturday, February 1, 2014

About Love... Ten Ways To Celebrate

February is the "Month of Love"

and in addition to Valentine's Day in our home we also celebrate...

my hubby's birthday
my mother's birthday
our wedding anniversary

all within a matter of two weeks!

So follow along as we countdown the top 10 ways in which we celebrate love...

10.  By Remembering: The Good, the Bad, and the In-Between

Yes, we celebrate all of that...

we take pictures
we document
we talk about

and revisit

the moments that have made us


and everything else in-between because

We celebrate by remembering...

that our greatest lessons in love
have come from learning to see the beauty within these everyday moments

My hubby created this chocolate surprise for our anniversary a few years ago and we loved it so much that the following year I decided to bring out the fountain again for his birthday...

Only problem?

I didn't watch the fountain


the chocolate exploded


splattered all over

the table
the tray
the floor

the curtains
the wall
the door

(almost sounds like a Dr. Seuss story)

But then...

as we were cleaning "the mess", the children pointed out the design that had been created

so we decided to set the tray out as it was,
and some of the guests thought that the chocolate drizzle was intentional...

a "Jackson Pollock" art inspired dessert tray!

Their reaction taught me that sometimes mistakes can be beautiful

and that we

honor our love
celebrate our love
share our love

when we remember to tell

the true story...
the full story...
the entire story...

which includes

the good
the bad

and even
everything else


(click here to continue with the countdown)

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