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Monday, January 20, 2014

"APFLH" Children's Art Studio... I Have a Dream 2014!

We had a great January kickoff in our Children's Art Studio... 
We started with a mini family reunion!
and some...

We made...

Chinese Lanterns
(not to be confused with rock...paper...scissors)

Canvas Art


(tip: If you can't find blank canvases... use printed ones, and have the children paint over them! I found these for only $1) 

2014 Dream Boards
Child Friendly Magazines
Stickers, Letters, and other Embellishments
Poster board

The kids went through the materials and began mapping out their long-term
and short-term dreams and sorting materials to help represent their vision... 

And this time even the moms got in on the action!

Notice my hubby's name, Winston at the center? 
Well, up close what it really says is "becoming Win's Ton"!
because I have chosen my husband's name as my one word for 2014
as it dawned on me one day that when I invest in him, I am investing
in the entire family.  What's even more amazing is that...
God has placed me with a mate who's very name says Wins Ton! 

Which means together we can't lose!!


The weather was/is so great here in Southern California that the kids and I
also went outside and had a great time jumping into the new year!
How have you jumped into 2014?

(Up next?... "Valentine's Session")

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