Friday, February 27, 2015

Flashback Friday... A Letter To My Children

Dear Mic and Mo,

I want you both to take a look at this picture

A good look...

You see, I remember days like this

days when you seemed to actually like each other
days when there was less fussing and more fun
days when the two of you got along

Now it seems that what you like more is irritating one another 

But I clearly remember days like this and I'm wondering...

Why can't you just get along?

Mic, I remember when you used to try to feed your little sister
Mo, I remember when you would wake up, smile at your brother, and say "hi Itah"

Mic, I remember when you would let Mo splash water in your face in the bathtub
Mo, I remember when you used to let Mic pretend to comb your hair

And there was that time that I will never forget...

when Mic, you were taking a time out and I couldn't find Mo

and I looked everywhere and just before I really began to panic,
I found her sitting next to you keeping you company

You two got along better back then... didn't you?

But even now
(when I'm not looking)

I can catch the two of you having a moment

singing together
playing chess or UNO
pretending to be chefs in a restaurant

and then without fail
the fussing begins...

But I'm told

that this is normal
that I don't understand because I'm an only child
that this too, is part of love

But dear ones I want you to know that... 

love is so much more than fussing and fighting every day


And so my prayer is that the two of you push through the rough days,
and always let love shine through

and that no matter how far...

college or career

may take you

I pray that you will each make time for the other...

speaking to one another often
praying for one another daily
loving one another always

And my hope is that...


you look back together
you can laugh together


remember days like this...

(originally posted 3/8/13)

Monday, February 16, 2015

A Letter to the Sisters

My Dear Sister,

You do know that I love you, right?

And that God loves you?
Is in love with you?
Has the best intention for you?

Yes?  Ok, good because I have something to say my dearly beloved sister...

"Stop it"

Stop putting all of your


into man

Stop crying over

who he says you are
or are not

Stop fussing and fighting against him
and start fighting and winning with him

God gave woman to man as a gift, remember?
And what gift do you give that you do not want the recipient to use?

(let that sink in for a moment)

Because what I'm saying is that God gave woman because...

God wants to use woman!

My dear sister, I hope you can hear me...
please hear me...

because there is a distinction between being used and "being used"
(and only God and you will know what that is for you and where to draw that line)

because although the head of every woman is a man
(and we are grateful for that)

it was never intended for man to become her God

So "stop it"...

Stop shrinking back from the life God has called you to
and start living

with purpose
and power

in submission

because that's where your strength lies

Sister, I love you
but please don't take all day figuring this out

because whether you've been together

5 weeks
5 years
5 decades

a man can never fully validate you
(or invalidate you, for that matter)

Man can only affirm what you already know about yourself!

I am a woman
I am fearfully and wonderfully made
I am a daughter of the King

I have purpose
I have vision
I have favor

and together with Him (and him) I am unstoppable

For Eve was taken OUT of Adam

a separate and unique being

a free

outside of him!

And sis, the real reason that I am writing this letter is because I know that you have


about the work that you feel your brother could benefit from,
but I need to also tell you this last thing...

"Stay out of it.  That is God's business, not yours"

Because God placed man into a deep sleep

so that He could

remove a rib
form a woman
complete a woman

so if it feels like your brother

is sleeping
doesn't quite understand

just be quiet

and be still
and allow

God to finish

working on you...
forming you...
completing you...


(Genesis 2:21)

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Our Love Doesn't Make Sense

It doesn't make sense 
that God could use dirt...
to form a man
and create a soul
Cause a deep sleep...
bringing forth a woman
Join together...
and produce offspring

It doesn't make sense
 how God could take you...
and me...
provide them...

to make us...

But He does things...

that we cannot even
because only that kind of God could figure out how...
becoming a Son
would make Him our Father 
so that He could call us His friends!
And so even though...
it doesn't make sense
He doesn't make sense
we don't make sense
I'm so glad that after 15 years with you
our love
really is
still is
just is
...and doesn't even have to make sense

February 12, 2000

Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How to Use Clearance Items This Valentine's Day

I noticed the clearance section as soon as we entered the store

a basket full of items that were...

not damaged
not stale
not expired

but had simply fallen victim to what I call

"The next thing syndrome"

because stores and manufacturers

know how to get our attention
know about clever packaging and product placement

(a lesson my children also learned last summer)

stores and manufacturers know that by simply change the aisle

to this...

we will buy the "new" items instead of the "old"

Well here are some ways that I've found
to take advantage of Christmas Clearance this year for Valentine's Day...

Red Velvet Cupcakes

(saved the green for St. Patrick's Day)


Chocolate Chip Pancakes
chop up leftover holiday chocolate
drop the chocolate in your favorite pancake batter
and you've got "chocolate chunk" pancakes...

a new twist on an old favorite
Candy Cane Cocoa
photo credit: pinterest
Peppermint Brownies
photo credit: ghiradelli
Chocolate Covered Strawberries

or you can even buy enough chocolate to fill up your chocolate fountain...

just be sure to keep a watchful eye on the fountain or you may end up with this!

Christmas Clearance Items purchased

2 packs of cake mix (1 red/ 1 green)
1 box of chewy fudge brownies
10 boxes of chocolate candies
2 boxes of large candy canes
2 boxes of small rainbow candy canes
1 small basket of strawberries

Total spent... $3.40

Happy Savings!

Up next?
How to use clearance items this spring

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