Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Goodbye Summer

Since this time of year always brings up the

I have found several


"Things to do"

to help us remember our summertime adventures
and ease our transition into the next season


They are to...

1. Write

(which I'm sure)

comes as no surprise to all of my blogging friends
because it's exactly what we love to do...

Found these in the $1 Zone at our favorite store...
But I have found, however, most people are surprised to hear
that I still have a vacation notebook from my childhood

"The Great Summer Road Trip of 1984"

the year that we...

loaded up the RV
hopped in
and traveled across the U.S for six weeks

simply put...
"Write to capture what you wish to remember"

2. Make a Scrapbook

Pictures really are worth a thousand words and I find
that our entire family enjoys looking through our
scrapbooks again and again because...

"Pictures tell the story in ways that words cannot"

3. Start a Tradition

My daughter and her two god-sisters have a yearly tradition of
getting matching outfits for dress-alike days during the summer

"A tradition is a way to share, to show, to honor what you love"

4. Make a Keepsake

Create a memory keepsake that represents

a place 
an activity
an experience shared

Last summer my daughter and I signed up for a free art class 
hosted by a local artist in our hotel's lobby.  Not only did we enjoy the
time together, we learned something new, and walked away with
a keepsake to document the fun and learning we shared that day!

"A keepsake is something you can hold as a reminder of... when we were there"

5. Order a Professional Book

I was glad my mom took advantage of the free Shutterfly book coupons
that we received on the flight home from our vacation in Maui last year.

When they arrived it was clear to me that a professional book
is a great way to share memories for many years to come!

Saying Goodbye Summer... Hello, Fall!
(with more ideas coming soon)

Friday, September 18, 2015

It's Five-Minute Friday... Let's Celebrate

We gather weekly for Five-Minute Friday...

to share free thoughts and ideas inspired by one single word

It is refreshing to have a place

to celebrate

our similarities
our differences

the ways in which we tell our stories

a place to celebrate

each other

celebrate being free
and feeling welcome in this place

with no need to plan


We simply...

show up and write
show up and read

while learning to celebrate that

when all you have is

five minutes
and a word...

that's probably all you really need

(sharing this today)


Here are some of the other weekly prompts that have inspired me...

Done    Vacation    Grace    Adapt
Agree          Only      Familiar
Overcome       Invite        Story       Work
Inspire      Blessing       Guide      Neighbor
Steady      Worth         Future       Visit
  Team       Enough        Lift     Happy     Safe    
Create     Build     Lose     Want       Miss    
Pass     Unite       Whole     Alive       News    
Limit       Present    Time      Season   Dance
Family     Yes     Find     Learn      Here    
Try     Free     Hope     Favorite   Dream

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Proof That We Are... It's In The Blood

Her questions saved me...

I was just about to jump
(head first)

into the abyss of "what if's"

"What if I am wrong?"
"What if I cannot do this?"
"What if this is not what He's really called me to do?"

And then her questions saved me...

as I stood scrambling eggs at the stove
and she sat waiting

she asked...

"What if someone doesn't believe that I'm your daughter?"
"What if they don't think we look enough alike?"

to which I responded with two questions of my own...

"Well, are you really my daughter?"
"Does it matter whether people believe it or not?"

And after we had finished eating
as I stood rinsing the plates

her questions saved me...


I am His daughter

and all of those "what if's"

are irrelevant

because just as it doesn't matter

if some don't believe
or even question

whether or not we look enough alike

the proof is in

the birthing
the DNA
the Blood

I am His daughter

and being His daughter

is not something that I have to strive

to achieve
to attain
to become

it is quite simply...

just who I am
(1 John 3:2)

Who are you?

Friday, September 4, 2015

A Living "Yes" in a "No" World

It's Five Minute Friday and...

We live in a world full of "No"

No parking
No littering
No loitering
No soliciting
No vacancy
No you don't qualify
No we can't help you


(Well I'm personally tired of no, aren't you?)


But please, don't get me wrong
as a mother, I know and understand, that there are times when the answer must be "no"

I get that

but as an Early Childhood Educator I have also come to know and understand how to


environments that promote "Yes"

by removing all of the no's from the environment

taking away all of the


in which a "no" would be necessary

And when Jesus came...

He tried to show us
He tried to tell us

as He grew and lived a "yes" life in a world full of "no"

Do I love you?
Will I die for you?
Can I save you?

And He even went so far as to remove all of the


in which a "no" would be necessary


And yet when He asks...

Is there room for me?
May I come in?
Do you have space in your heart?

the answer He most often receives today is...

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Faded Memories are Better than No Memories

It is amazing

how much damage a little water can cause...


and apparently
even photographs and scrapbook pages

Last summer...

as we saw the steady progress during the restoration of our home
imagine my surprise when I found mold growing on our

wedding scrapbook and
our children's baby photo albums

then when I told my mother (also an avid scrap booker)
that our memories had been ruined

she simply said...

Faded memories are better than no memories at all

and as I flipped through
I noticed those pictured who are no longer with us...

an aunt
a cousin
a First Lady

and the proof in what my mother was saying lay resting right there on those pages

as I looked at my cousin LaShay applying my makeup with...


a smile

and only half of her right thumb

And although she suffered many complications from sickle cell
and had not been feeling well during the weeks leading up to our wedding

she still managed to transform me into the most beautiful bride that my husband has ever seen
while not once complaining or drawing any attention to herself

but instead

she kept smiling
and working
and giving

her best

And although now...

she is gone
they are gone
some are gone

we are still here

gifted with another day to keep


our story

(so that no matter what else may happen from this day forward)

We will always know that...

Faded memories are better than no memories at all


How do you capture memories?