Friday, February 12, 2016

Love Without Limit

Today I am celebrating both...

16 years with my hubby


61 years with my mother

and there is no way I could miss stopping by here today

(even if only for five minutes)

just to say

"Happy Anniversary"


"Happy Birthday"

and to thank Him
for the many ways

He continually shows us...

Love without Limit

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Top 10 Ways To Celebrate Love

It is written that...

Love is patient
Love is kind
It does not envy
It does not boast
It is not proud
It does not dishonor others
It is not self-seeking
It is not easily angered
It keeps no record of wrongs
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth
It always protects
always trusts
always hopes
always perseveres
Love never fails.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 (NIV)

So as we are...

learning to love
perfecting our love
celebrating our love

here are the top 10 ways in which we honor our love...
10. By Remembering-
the Good, the Bad, and the In-Between
because love is about more than just feeling the "warm and fuzzies"

Love is about...

ordinary to extraordinary

moments that we share together

And we know that it is true love when we are able to honor it all!
 (click here to read the full story behind this photo...)

9. By Using Our Hands
to make something...
do something...
give something...

that inspires others

 Color*full Creations
creating a life full of color

8. By Being At Our Best
because in order to give our best
we must be our best

and imagine my surprise when greeted by the smell

of the "buttery, brown-sugary goodness"
of my hubby's homemade chocolate chip cookies!

7. By Seeing the Best in Others

When you live at your best
you unconsciously give others permission to do the same

I share a candle illustration with my children
in which we place a lid on a burning candle
to witness how quickly that action extinguishes the flame

On those days when my children can't seem to stop bickering
I remind them to "put the lid on the candle"

because they understand that
in order to keep a fire burning
you must supply it with oxygen

and so...

instead of giving air to a bunch of drama

we try to remember that

in order to get grace
we must give it

by learning to see the best in each other

6. By Singing Together, Laughing Together
Ever notice how it is almost impossible to enjoy 
good music and stay angry simultaneously? 

That's because music lifts, encourages, unites, connects.

Want to celebrate love?

Light some candles and put on a favorite CD,
attend a free concert or musical,
or go to Karaoke night at the mall or local restaurant

'cause chances are if you sing together...
at some point you will also laugh together!

5. By Spending Time Together
Whether its during...

family game night
screen-free Saturday
or church on Sunday

spending quality time together is an


way to celebrate love!

4. By Saying It

He walked into our class one day
and handed his wife a birthday card during homeroom

(she was a High School teacher, he was a school administrator)

Then later that day, when I had her again for English class
guess who came walking back through the door?

She smiled and informed us
that he had hand delivered a card during each class period that day

leaving an indelible impression on our young minds
and proving that when you love someone you should

tell it...
speak it...
say it...

in as many ways as possible!

3. By Showing It
What better way to celebrate your love than by doing something nice for someone?

cook a special meal
cut the neighbor's grass
fill your wife's gas tank

(hint... hint...)

because showing your love doesn't have to be expensive or extravagant at all
(in fact it is even more impactful when you use what you already have)

like Crystal Underwood at Growing a Jeweled Rose
who has an amazing way of using
ordinary bath time to create extraordinary experiences for her children...

memories they will likely never forget!


rainbow bubbles rainbow activitiesEaster egg hunt

Pumpkin bath fun


2. By Giving It

Give with intention
Give what you have
Give from your heart

When I saw these Scripture Valentines by Kim at
I knew this would be the perfect gift to give to our adopted Sunday School Class

because in order to celebrate love... you have to first GIVE it!

Frugal and Simple Scripture Valentines. FREE printable.
1. By Living It
And finally, nothing celebrates love better than our lives 

the way we speak...
the way we behave...
the way we treat one another each day...

Our number one way to represent God's love for us and through us is by living it!

Are you ready to love?