Friday, September 30, 2016

Early Care and Education Series... (Healthy Eating)

Gratitude and Grace has led me right back

to what I love

old partnerships
new role

and I am grateful for the opportunity
to provide early care and education in a different kind of way...

Information Board

"Green Foods" BINGO

This game encourages children to "try"
healthy food in bite size portions

It's BINGO... with a twist!

Taste Charting

Write your name, taste a food, chart your experience
Yes, it's that simple!

Smoothie Station

Found "The Perfect Green Smoothie" recipe to share from...
100 days of real food 

Up next...

Saturday, September 24, 2016

God's Faithful Five

I knelt to pray and lift up

those same two words
in that same spot

(this time more spilling out and one hand uplifted)

"thank you..."

for the ones who birthed me
and the ones whom I have birthed

because these five remind me that I am surrounded with love

the two who I am becoming like
the two who are becoming like me

(and the one with which I became one)

have each taught me so much about


and have shown me the Hand of God

so as I pray I

lift one hand
five fingers

elevate it toward heaven to say 

"Lord, thank you for..."

my father
my mother
my husband
my son
my daughter

these five together

another demonstration of your powerful
and loving Hand

Oh God

because together
you faithfully use them

to pull
to lift
to hold

me up

Saturday, September 17, 2016

To My Mother-in-Law for the Days Ahead

You welcomed me into your family

open arms

only one request...

That I never stop loving your son

and I cannot even imagine


I could ever stop loving him

because the truth of the matter is

he is easy to love
most days (smile)

And lately...

I have not been able to stop thinking about
what a blessing it is to find and have


Me and "my Winston"

You and "your Winston"

And as we now journey ahead...

I cannot help but think of you


wondering how
remembering when
praying for

because I realize

that when you've been with someone for years...
loved someone for years...

it is hard is hard to live a day without them

So for now we just...

face the days ahead
by remembering the days behind

while eagerly waiting for That Day 

when we
are all

together again

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Our Time To Heal

This is a tough one

this word...
this week...

and I wasn't even going to write

(didn't think I could even write)

until I saw the word and it hit so close to home


seems to have become our daily request as we've been

praying for healing...
waiting for it...

(for what seems like years now)

and just a few days ago
we suddenly lost our dear family member

(but lost just somehow doesn't seem like the right word to use here)

because we know...

and even though we
are grateful that

his trouble
his pain
his suffering

is finally over

our daily request still remains

because now we are the ones that will need
time to heal

Back in 1983 we sang... "Pass Me Not"

"Pass Me Not"
Douglas Miller

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Giving Thanks For The Path

It's Five-Minute-Friday...

(but I'll only need one)

as I thank God for

His love
His peace
His power

and the daily grace

He gives...

as I travel along on this path

My First Day Back!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Back in 1982 we sang... "Worthy To Be Praised"

"Worthy To Be Praised"
Rev. Hubert Powell and The Gospel Truth

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