Saturday, May 27, 2017

Early Care and Education (Sensory Experiences)

"If it has not been in the hand... it cannot be in the brain" -Bev Bos

Sensory Experiences for Young Children

Bubble Station
Float or Sink Experiment

Sight Words

Sensory Science... Flubber!
(and yes, we used Borax!)

Today Will Be the Last Time We "Visit"

Time and opportunity
had kept me away for too long...


cares of life

so writing
had been put on the back burner

over a low flame
that kept burning

warming me
waking me
welcoming me

early today as I decided to just

stop by
check in
sit down and chat

(for five minutes)

grateful for

the moments spent here
the connections
the joyful interactions

and discovering that
today will be the last time we visit in this space

because by next Friday...

we will all be home

Thank you Kate for "everything" and congratulations FMF Family!
(So excited about the "new space")

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Survive the Flood

"It didn't make it through the flood"

he responded, when I inquired about our popcorn machine

and then I remembered
how we lost it in the flood

how we lost almost everything on the ground floor of our house
when it flooded almost three years ago...

"Saddest words ever"

I texted back

(because microwave popcorn just isn't the same)

"Five Senses" poster courtesy of

my thoughts drifting to Noah and his family

3 sons

3 wives

"only eight souls saved by water"

and although I'm sure they were grateful for grace
I wonder if they ever just sat and

talked about

over how things were...

before the Flood

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Blog Blackout

as I have intentionally

blacked out

all of the other posts
on this blog

to bring you the following message...