Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

These Hands

These hands belong to a girl
who likes to paint her fingernails...

One day while watching me clean the house she asked,
"What are you about to do now mommy?"

and my inner Martha answered without even turning to look at her

finish dinner
wash the dishes and
fold the laundry that is on the bed

and when she disappeared for a while, and all was quiet
I didn't think much of it

because I thought that she had gone to paint her fingernails... yet again

Then moments later she came back and said,

"All finished, come see"

and although I didn't know what she was talking about
I followed her upstairs to find...

small piles of

freshly laundered clothes
neatly folded and
sitting nicely on the bed

She said...

"I folded the towels too, and put them in the hall closet. 
Now after dinner, you can just sit down with me."

I marvel at how this nine-year old-child is already learning to balance her inner Mary/Martha

These hands belong to a girl
who likes to paint fingernails...

and help fold laundry

And my prayer is that God continuously...

and always holds

these hands

(...and see what else these hands have been up to!)

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