Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Lesson from Paul... Tell Me Again

They were...

falsely imprisoned

but rather than focus on their


they chose worship 

(an underground holding cell)
Paul prayed
Silas sang

and their praise reached heaven
and God sent an earthquake
and shook them loose

Years later Paul speaks before


and tells them again...

and I'm just not that sure how much understanding Paul had about

human development
brain development
the creation of neurological pathways

but his approach makes me think that perhaps he

had been to a few seminars
attended some sessions
sat in on a workshop or two

because it seemed he consistently used the "Tell Me Again" approach to reach others

And in my child development studies

I have learned the importance of

reading to children
speaking to children
telling them stories

again and again

to assist in the development of pathways forming in their brains

and one type of experience

Neurological mirroring is what happens
when people listen to a story

because current brain research shows that

when you hear a story

the memory part of the brain is activated
which causes your brain to react as if you were literally there


the brain of the hearer
can actually sync up with
the brain of the teller

(it's called the neural coupling model)

So Paul...


us again and again about

how praise delivers
how God delivers

and as we hear it again and again

we believe
and know

because in that moment we are literally there

And I'm grateful for...

the gospel
the message
the Word of God


and also those whom God uses to tell us
because I now know that these are not just stories but

carefully rehearsed truths

to remind us of God's


and I was there when praise

shook loose and
set free

so even after 23 years of daily walking with Him
my request is still... 


"Tell Me Again"

originally posted 6/27/15

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"Tell Me Again"
by Tondra Denise

Tell me again that You love me
Tell me again that You care
Tell me about how You died and You rose
and please tell me You'll come back again
Tell me on days that seem heavy
and even when nights become cold
My heart fills with love overflowing
and a hope that will never grow old
When you tell me again...

Listen to the song...


  1. I actually read something about that neurological mirroring thing recently! That is so fascinating!! And I totally agree on the repetition thing.. those things we are almost over-familiar with are the things we fall back on when under pressure!
    I enjoyed your post, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you Frances! This topic really fascinates me as well, and I understand a little better now why children want to keep hearing the same stories, books, and songs again and again... and also why my favorite song is always on repeat!