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Sunday, February 17, 2013

I Wanna Know... about the Revolution

a sudden, radical, or complete change: a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something.   -Merriam Webster
When they said the revolution would not be televised, it is obvious that they were not talking about my younger cousins Jamilla and Cherrell!

Jamilla and Cherrell (aka "The Harris Sisters") have not only been an inspiration to one another, and to all of us who know them, but they have been inspiring men and women across the country for the past year.   
It all began when their personal revolutions were, in fact, televised on last year's
ABC show "The Revolution"
Before "the revolution"

"The first weigh in" 

Over the course of a year my cousins "The Harris Sisters" have managed to lose a combined total of 170 pounds.  They are such an inspiration to everyone who hears their story that I have asked them to be the first special guests for my new video segment, "I Wanna Know..." 
"I Wanna Know..." is about finding the source of success and inspiration in people's lives and asking them answers to the questions that "I Wanna Know...".
In living a life of gratitude and grace, I've decided to stop making the same old promises...
I'll do better
I'll live better
I'll be better
Instead I'm choosing to live full and unapologetically each day.
So, if you're ready to "do, live, and be" better... follow along on this journey.  
Check out Jamilla and Cherrell's
"I Wanna Know" video here

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