Having Eyes That See (Life Lessons That Brought Me Closer to God)

Monday, April 21, 2014

What We Have Really Learned from the Resurrection

I was standing in the hallway sorting laundry when my son, half asleep,
started talking before even opening his eyes...

"I just had the most amazing dream, Mom..."

he said as he proceeded to tell me about his dream of a

seemingly awesome,
yet impossible task

for an 11-year old to accomplish

I only listened, but he also believed...

he said

"and I know that it is possible because
I've seen people do things even harder than that"

and as I finished sorting

the laundry
his comments
my thoughts

It occurred to me...

This is the real lesson from the Resurrection!

Jesus died and rose again

a seemingly awesome,
yet impossible task

but when we embrace His Gospel

His death
His burial
His resurrection


our death (repentance)
our burial (water baptism)
our resurrection (the indwelling of His Spirit)

we come to understand that through Him we can also accomplish the seemingly impossible
we come to understand that what we have really learned from the Resurrection

is that

when life knocks you down...

get up

when friends

doubt you...
betray you...
deny you...

get up

and even if your enemies

capture you...
beat you...
and surround to watch as you slowly die...

look to heaven
pray their forgiveness
close your eyes to rest a while

and then...


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