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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ten Weeks to Better Business... Children's Edition

Know a child starting their own business this summer?
Follow the 10 lessons from my children's 2014 business experience to achieve success...

If this is something the children expect to continue throughout the summer

-suggest that they select something they have a passion for
-determine if their business will provide:

a service or
a product

Focus on how the business product/service will be


Start with...


Knowing and understanding these are at
the foundation for building a strong business

Informing others about the product or service
is an important step for business success

How will people know the business

Selling a product?
Get out there and sell!

Offering a service?
Start doing the work!

Understand the law of supply and demand, master these five
basic lessons, and prepare to take the business to the next level!

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