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Saturday, November 23, 2013

He Opens Doors

"I'm in sixth grade now"... he proudly proclaimed upon seeing her again

Micah and Mrs. H- September 2013
I watched the two of them as she stopped to look at him, shaking her head in disbelief

"Wow, sixth grade already?  It seems like just yesterday I tested you for Kindergarten!"

She looked at me smiling and I knew what was coming next as she directed her attention back to him...

"I'll never forget that as we were leaving the testing room you said,
'Let me open the door because that's what a man does for a lady.' 

She had never heard a five-year-old speak in that manner and

6 years
3 months and
150 students later

she was still talking about him

There are few things that make such a lasting


but some things touch us so deeply
that we remember...

We remember that

After the time of testing, He opens doors

opens doors
while reminding us that He is the Door
perhaps really saying

After the test, I will open myself to you

open myself
reveal myself
allow myself

to become transparent enough for you to see


And His Word leaves

an impression
an indention

reminding us to thank Him

for fond memories
completed tests


opened doors

Mrs. H and Micah- June 2008

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