Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fear is Not a Factor... A Christian Halloween Party

I was never really into Halloween growing up, but the older my children get,
the more I find myself getting into it

This year I decided to go all out and actually host a party on Halloween Night!

I searched for ideas online and was intrigued when I saw an idea for a "Fear Factor Party"

Ironically enough
I had just recently been reading
the Apostle Paul's letters to Timothy and Titus

and as I remembered the "Fear Factor" show
I imagined that Paul would have made the perfect contestant

you have fought a good fight
you have finished your course
you have kept the faith

Fear is obviously NOT a Factor for you!

And that's when I decided to host a "Fear is NOT a Factor" Party

invite a few of our friends
grab some candy and
plan a few games to remind everyone that we have nothing to fear...

Baby Food Tasting and Identification
Contestants were to taste and name the two ingredients in each section
(1.Sweet Potato/Corn  2.Apple/Cherry  3.Pear/Pineapple)

Eat a Cricket

The contestants used the popper to get a number
(1, 2, or 3- Eat that number of crickets
4 or 5- Try again
6- Skip the cricket table altogether!)
After the initial shock that they were eating actual crickets,
contestants agreed that they tasted similar to sunflower seeds
and this game was the hit of the party!
Next, it was time to give the kids something to wash down
all of those crickets and baby food...
So we set out cupcakes for them frost and decorate
They headed outside for glow-in-the-dark bowling
and listened to a fireside story while warming by the outdoor fire pit
After our "Fear is Not a Factor" commercial break was over
it was time to head back in for more games...

Pasta and Skeletons
Small rubber skeletons were buried with cooked bowtie pasta and placed in a sensory table.
The table was covered with a black table cloth, contestants spun the wheel, and
were given one minute to reach in and save a life or two...or whatever number they had spun 
(Contestants who pulled out pasta instead of a skeleton were disqualified)

Hand in Ice
Contestants were instructed to hold one hand in ice water for 2 minutes. 
(Remove your hand and get disqualified)
After 2 min. each remaining contestant was given 20 seconds to collect as many
coins from the ice water as possible
(Only problem was after 2 min. contestants could no longer feel their hand!)
After the games, contestants were allowed to warm up before
grabbing some treats and a free book on their way out the door

So what did we learn in all of this?  Let's recap...

Baby Food Tasting and Identification taught us to distinguish flavors.  We come into this world ignorant to God and His plan for our lives, but when we learn to eat at His table and appreciate the nourishment He provides, it allows us to mature in Christ.  Then we learn what we should and should not eat and can distinguish the flavors set before us.

Eat a Cricket shows us that life is full of trouble, but Jesus has already tasted death for every one of us.  Abide in Him and some of us will even get to skip the cricket table altogether!

Pasta and Skeletons were used to remind us that once we become alive in Christ, God uses us to go back and get others.  We become fishers of men as we attempt to pull other dead men and women out of the black hole and bring them into the light.

and finally...

Hand in Ice is a testament that although life can be cold sometimes, there is a reward waiting for those of us who endure

I didn't realize that Halloween had so much teaching potential!

I mean who knew...
that Halloween was more than just candy and costumes,
but that it could also lend itself to gratitude and grace?

I mean really, who knew...?

that after 37 years
this Christian girl would finally learn to enjoy Halloween,
realizing that...

Halloween doesn't have to be so "hollow" after all

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we will make art

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