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Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Lesson in Winning... Super Bowl Champs

Yesterday it rained...


and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why the coach didn't cancel practice
(I thought he should have canceled practice)

so I called my hubby at work just to be sure

My 11yr-old said

"Mom, it's football.  We still play even when it rains."

So much to my chagrin, my daughter and I bundled up to drive him
to the High School Football field for practice in the pouring rain

I was secretly hoping they would cancel practice once we got there, but was quickly informed...

"It's the Super Bowl.  We still have to practice because tomorrow
we're playing the team that beat us last year... in the rain"

So they practiced...

as it rained...

for two and a half hours

After practice the coach called all of the parents over and asked us to stand with our kid

He said

"Everybody link up"
"Take a knee"
"Look at me"
"Arrive on time tomorrow"
"Leave it all on the field"
"Play smart"
"Play clean"
"Play like big boys"
"Have fun"
"Let's win"

Then just as I thought he was finally finished he said...

"Let's go watch film"

(which meant another hour and a half of)

watching past games from the opposing team's season

He said that while it is important to

hone our skills

we can't stop there, we must also know our opponent

"Watch their plays"
"Spot their weaknesses"
"Build on our strengths"

to put together a winning game plan

Yesterday it rained...


But today...

the sun shone bright
we played the game
and won!

And I learned that...

Winning is not just the outcome of the game
Winning is also everything else that leads up to it

because in order to be a champion

you must first


like a Champ!

Carson Colts Blue
Jr. Pee Wee 2013 Super Bowl Champs!

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